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  • November Rain is a classic Guns N Roses song.I still remember the video filmed in the middle of no where and Slash playing there.A very long song too but their standards.Slash is one of my favourite ever guitarists.Along with James Dean Bradfield and Mark Tremonti.Do

    Do you have any favourite Slash riffs from certain songs?
    Hehee.Unless you are actually Slash then I persume thats not your picture.Im a big fan of Slash and have listened to him in Guns and Roses,Velvet Revolver,up to today with his Myles Kennedy stuff.What are some of your favourite groups that Slash has been in?
    Hey I saw your post and wanted to encourage you to continue. Reading my daily meditation and the Bible is my favorite time of day. Strangely, I keep missing days, as if I'm punishing myself. All I know is it really has some power to comfort. :)
    Bo, try .. best intro site for programming. Games are a bit advanced, but you can do simple ones like random number generating, or simple switch statements. Even things like tic tac toe are too complex to begin with.
    Things have been tough. I'm about to move into an apartment with a roommate and I'm nervous about that and I'm not getting very many hours at my job.
    Hey, man. Yeah, I still watch The Simpsons, and I have box sets of a couple of seasons. I plan to get more in the near future. :) Bart and Homer are popular characters for a reason, so it's good that you like them, since they're the backbone of the show. I like Comic Book Guy and Chief Wiggum just to name two.
    Good taste! Pepperjack grilled cheese is one of the things I've started making at home for when I'm too lazy to make something more complicated but don't just want to throw in a pizza. I wonder what other cheeses would be good... ?

    I think the first thing I successfully cooked was omelets. I used to ruin baked goods as a child, but stove top cooking was much easier for some reason. Are you self-taught?
    It's also called coriander. Goes great in sauces, salsa, and burritos. :bigsmile: You cook much?
    I prefer cats, but I can't keep either of them because I am allergic to flea bites : ( Do you believe in Ghosts? You mention them in your profile :)
    I'm actually a huge fan of cilantro, though peppers are a close second. I almost always have some on hand for cooking. :p
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