Which is better: Vegetarians or Meat Eaters?


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Just wondering. I know some meat eaters say that we are omnivores and that we are supposed to eat animals and that they are a good source of protein. And then I hear Vegetarians saying that the meat sits in your intestines and rots, and that eating animals is animal cruelty. So, which one do you think is right/healthier and why?


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I don't think either is "better," as you put it. I eat meat, but if someone I know is a vegetarian and won't castrate me for eating meat, then I'm okay with that.

My friend's ex is a vegetarian but she used to prepare the meat for her boyfriend. I don't think she liked it but she did it anyway, out of love for him. She doesn't care about me eating meat, either. She's cool like that.


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I think that being omnivorous is probably most beneficial to one's health...
The problem we have in modern society is lack of exercise and need for exercise/ hunt/ gathering - added preservatives, food processing and so on.

My doctors have specifically told me that I must eat meat; although I don't necessarily like it.
My body does not absorb vitamins from outside sources and has a hard time absorbing from food-- but the easiest foods tend to be red meats.

I don't think either is necessarily better.
I do understand that there is animal cruelty- locking animals in tiny confined spaces for the length of their live before they are slaughtered; and that is horrible. There should be more humane ways of growing animals and then putting them down so that they can be eaten. We should also be eatingusing all parts of the animal- no waste.
Much more could be said about this topic... but I won't bother because I feel like I'm rambling. haha

Anyway--- cruelty; no.
Eat what you like as long as you aren't harming yourself by doing so.
I say "Meat Eaters"

But people eat far too much meat these days than what they really need.

Who can't resist a nice steak...mmmmmm
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For me personally, I think a small amount of meat is pretty healthy. I don't eat meat all the time, and I may even go a day or two without it. I'm also very picky with it and will only eat certain kinds of meat (beef, chicken, turkey, bacon, fish). I also won't eat meat with fat hanging off of it; it has to be cooked well. My reasons for eating meat are mainly taste, protein, and it does a decent job of filling me up. Too much of it will make me bloat, though, which is why I won't eat a lot of it.


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I've been vegetarian for a few years now.
Started out vegan...but what can I say? I love eggs and milk too much.heh
Can do without meat....It's good I admit.
But I don't feel that I NEED it.
My reason for dropping it is less for health.
And more because I can't stand the though of an animal being killed just so I can be full for a few measly hours.
I love them too much.....I'm a giant sissy when it comes to animals.lol

I honestly couldn't care less if others eat meat.
Personal choices and all. :p

But on to the question.
I feel better when I don't eat meat.
It just always made me feel kind of sluggish and gross.
Have a bad stomach and meat upsets it more than anything.
I eat healthy.And get all the various things I need in my diet that I need to function properly.
If I want the flavor that meat offers there's substitutes that suffice.
(Some miles better than others)

That's me personally though.
I've lived as both a meat eater and a non meat eater.
Vegetarian just suits me better.

Some Healthy people develop heart problems.
Some people who eat meat everyday live to be 100

Do whatever feels right.
Just remember that Overindulgence is bad...take it easy.
Take care of yourself.
And you'll be fine.
Life will take you where it will.
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I think there are positives and negatives to both. Either one you run the risk of being unhealthy without a proper diet.

But we ARE omnivores. That is the truth.


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I actually strongly considered being a vegan when I was younger. I was looking into animal rights and all that jazz and I was upset about the way animals were treated during and before the slaughter...I was a kid though, so I wouldn't take it seriously. Haha!


I agree with all you guys. I don't think either one holds a huge benefit over the other.
Their just about the same, I make some assumption, health wise. So, neither is better then the other. It's all personal preference. Do whatever makes you feel good and you think is right. Just don't judge other's for they're decision.


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the best is a japanese diet, 'cause they are the longest living people in the world :) I guess that's what happens when the default diet is veggies and fish.

Vegetarian vs. meat-eating. Both are good.
Eating meat as part of your diet is easier, because you won't have to plan and go scrounging for certain aminoacids, iron, etc - but please do take a stand on animal welfare, industrial animals are treated worse than raw sewage in the US


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Said the carnivore to the vegetarian: "My food poop on your food."

I eat meat. I like meat, and I would eat much more if I could. But I don't want to know where it come from. I've seen animals being killed and slaughtered, but I do not want to know anything about the connection between my plate and a little lamb.

If I had to kill for my own food I would go vegetarian.


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I'm chicken crazy. I could eat no other meat and probably be fine.:D
I would miss ham a whole lot, though.
I wouldn't miss ham, but like you I am chicken crazy. :) I love it.

I eat meat. I like meat, and I would eat much more if I could. But I don't want to know where it come from. I've seen animals being killed and slaughtered, but I do not want to know anything about the connection between my plate and a little lamb.
Very true. I like meat but I like to stay oblivious to its origins.
There's no right answer to that. Meat like liver and fish as salmon/sardines/atuna are good to a rich diet. The problem nowadays is not eating meat.....but eating all the time plus no exercise at all.


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I actually feel best when I eat primarily meat, eggs and a few select vegetables. It's what turned me from an obese teen into a lean, strong 20-something. If I could post pics of my body side by side from then and now, people wouldn't believe it - it completely transformed me. Since then I've been very anti sugar, even when it comes to fruit - all I get from it are blood sugar spikes and bad teeth.

Food plans are very personal though, what works for one person doesn't necessarily for another. So to each their own.