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  • Hoppy, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how heartbreaking it can be, as I have lost a beloved companion that I had for fifteen years.

    There are no words that can truly make it better. Just know that if you need a friend, I am here.
    This is astounding, you sir must be working in a translation company or something haha!
    I am sure french is part of these 24 languages, even the ZA passport has french on it. (from what I've seen in a south African drama movie called Stander)
    German is already good, it's spoken in many (developed) countries. I don't really know any languages of the Bantu family, except maybe two or three words in shona because of my zimbabwean classmate , xhosa has some really hard throat pronunciations too.
    ja, dit is mij favoorite hobby. I learned it from games and movies (not really studying it) Some movie called "At thy call" about the south african border war. Also there is the game Far cry 2, were most of the enemies are boer mercenaries speaking and slurring in Afrikaans. Taught me many words. As for Duolingo, I never tried it out, I could recommend you Rosetta stone. German and Afrikaans are quite similar.
    Yeah, I heard about that, Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans are the most spoken I think. Many chinese here in my country as well. You're maybe the only african person I know here on SocialPhobiaWorld. Btw, I know many words in afrikaans.
    Hello Hoppy :greeting: is Afrikaans your first language? sorry if my question is stupid
    :( cant even begin to imagine how that must feel. my heart goes out to you...you can always message me if you feel like you want to talk through how you feel. sometimes it helps...not really sure what will help fill the void though. I'm so sorry.
    Hey there Hoppy :). I really like your signature, it has the same text as my T-shirt :D.
    Hey thanks for dropping by,, it's an ASK 21 sailplane build in Germany,,, it's truly one of the best ways to spent your time is in the air ( and money :D ) but you should definitely finish a licence,,, myself have I only finished a few hours on a piston aircraft and only one in a sailplane which is that pic was taken from.. :)
    I hope you're doing good.
    *hugs* you didn't make me feel bad. I honestly wasn't referring to you...i'd pm you if it was about you. It isn't really about a particular person, it was just something i observed and it bothered me.
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