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  • Hahaha, those are some good guesses, I've always thought he has a head like a scotch egg though... or definitely something coated in breadcrumbs anyway. I get hungry just looking at the guy x
    Haha, what exactly is it? To me it looks like Southern Comfort. Mmm. And thanks for the compliment, I always like your posts too. You speak a lot of sense Mr.Kinetik. And you're also a fan of the joy which is RAINBOW :-D "Ohhhh BUNGLE!" x
    Hey! Thanks for the friend request. Hows it going? Your avatar always makes me thirsty haha x
    Cool stuff.

    Paperwork does take its sweet time. It cares about one thing: take it slow.

    Yeah, I am well enough today. Tomorrow or a few hours from now or a minute or two from now ... I may be even better or not so good. Hard to tell these days.
    Hi Kinetik - havent said hello to you in a while. I always enjoy your posts everytime I see them. You always make sense to me, and think of things in really intelligent ways. Its really refreshing. Hope you are well.
    Just wanted to say that I enjoy your posts immensely, they were always very inciteful, pleasantly optimistic, and written just right for everybody to understand and apply to themselves if needs be.
    Haha, well glad I could help I suppose. Don't blame me though. You're the one who went out and bought it. ::p:
    I won't know until I get there! Only 6 more months now, god I am getting old. I sure hope so though, cause I am a a cake addict :(.
    Hi & thanks for the welcome! :) I'd like to make website/s, and think it's easier to make'em myself than to try to tell someone how I want them to look and then change my mind maybe etc. (Cause I don't know how I want them to look exactly, ya know? would need to experiment a bit..) I'm a bit designer-ish and can be particular about designs or may want to change things etc. How long did it take you to learn to make'em and was it difficult? Any good places for newbies? Would love to see any of what you've done too!
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