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  • Sorry if I upset you with my post about your tone. It was a little bit thoughtless and accusatory and I should know better than saying things like that. I am sorry - I didn't mean to cause offense and I will try and be a bit more observant of the intention behind a post in response to the ones I make in the future.
    Buzz...we dont talk anymore. Do you want me to Buzz off...
    It almost makes me want to throw away my cell phone... or at least...put it on vibrate that it buzzes....
    Do you know who my favourite astronaut is? BUZZ Aldrin. Also my favourite fictional beverage is BUZZ cola from the simpsons. I also enjoyed BUZZ lightyear from the the toy story movies... and my favourite practical joke is infact NOT the whoppe cushion, but in fact...the hand BUZZer.
    awww, thank you, buzzles! :D
    no green tea ice cream for me today, sadly. (it's nowhere to be found here!)
    mom bought a tiramisu cake, which i have yet to try. i am so stuffed from dinner. (waddle!)
    Hey Eeyore, what a long time ago. Glad to hear from u again. :) We're good, we're both as good as done with school so now the real life starts huh. ::p: Have to work out practical stuff though, the future is 1 big black hole. We're not rlly sure what we're gonna do ... How are you doing ?
    Sending you some sunshine to your page - you seem like you need it.

    How could I ever hate you? You have done nothing to make me feel any kind of animosity toward you. I like you... you are one of a handful that has the capacity tolerate my ramblings....and that in itself is something to be admired.... but not only that, I can sense the warmth and the compassion within your personality.... and that's all that really matters to me.
    bien hecho - congratulations on making it to the end of your spanish class... good luck for your finals. I am glad you hung in there.... you deserve to be proud of yourself.
    Wowzers - that was quite a response. I didnt have time to reply to all of it, but I will... thanks...! I have read before what you mentioned about the environment and how it responds to you, and where self perception and beliefs come from. I also realize that all of us tend to agree with what we already believe, even if we dont know we are doing it.... and that is part of the problem.
    Hope you are doing well ms buzzkillington... Thank you for your friendship.
    We should talk more... You are one of only a few here that I feel really understands (or perhaps cares) about the posts I make. I appreciate you.
    I'm sorry to read that things are a little tough right now. I really hope you bounce back quickly and feel better soon. You know where to find me if you need to talk.
    I feel that way often and I dont know how to shake it - but I do appreciate it when people show so much care - such as yourself. I feel overly self indulgent and that I have no right to complain really...its a little embarrasing, but I guess... I just need some kind of reassurance or understanding, and to express myself. I dont know... thank you <3 I will stop clutterling up your page now.
    You are always so kind to me - I dont know what to say sometimes x
    I dont mean to seek attention like that - but it is how I feel, and an akcnowledgment entwined with understanding touches me.
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