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  • hello! i love your photo. gorillaz! i'm a fan too. but i'm more of a blur fan haha n_n love everything damon does! :D
    Aktivering - bør kun være for dem der ellers kan klare normalt fuldtidsarbejde, hvilket jeg ikke rigtig kan, derfor blev jeg sygemeldt.
    Jeg har haft nogenlunde succes med psykoterapi, det var tiltrængt, men en lang proces at arbejde med sig selv.
    Medicin bryder jeg mig ikke om og vil ikke - har prøvet det engang...
    Hejsa dansker.. yep yep, jeg er uden job ell uddannelse.
    Er glad for at få økonomisk støtte og har mødt megen forståelse fra sagsbehandler, så den del er god, indtil videre...
    Vil gerne igang med noget terapi igen snart!
    Hey, you said you were on my Steam? What's your sn? I took a break from there, but now I'm back to playing L4D hehe
    Hey there :),

    Thank you!, Yeah I should buy a better microphone, Sometime.
    Maybe I should build my own studio, ha ha.
    I want to have youtube video quality like lisa lavie does x)
    But that would be so expensive to get my videos that quality..
    But that would be awesum :D
    But I will try recording with a better microphone (do have some good mic's)

    So, how are you doing, Mokkat? :)

    X Saskia
    I'm not in a band right now, but I will be when I can find the time! I always have friends that are in bands and I've taken over for their drummers at some is really fun :) But I get so nervous playing in front of people so I'm trying to overcome this. I should post some pictures of my drums and the room they are in. I carpeted the walls so that it is more soundproof, it's pretty cool! My drumset is a pearl export...and I just added on a few splash cymbals that I'm borrowing from a friend! What kind of bass do you have?
    Hey :) I listen to so many styles of music, I honestly don't have a favorite band. I love classic rock, CCR, led zeppelin, bob dylan, gotta love the clash. I also really love to play funk music on the drums. I think that is the most fun to play with other people! You can get a really good jam session going and everyone has fun :) Also, I like some metal music like iron maiden is my favorite. I have a so much fun playing my double bass! haha. What about you?
    Hi friend! So you ALL speak English? That's cool! I had no idea, obviously showing my ignorance.... My only exposure to the Danish was through Lars Ulrich, and I have heard him speak in a different language and I thought that it had to be Danish. So I assumed that it was the common language of the land....??? What do I know...obviously not enough eh? :eek:) I would assume that I am living up to the stereotype of a typical American huh? Just plain ignorant! :eek:) Haha! I honestly have no idea how people of the world view American's... Maybe spoiled rotten, IGNORANT (haha), obnoxious, arrogant? I can go on and on about what I don't like about the USA... Mostly about it's government...but I won't bore you about politics. Besides, I am much more interested about my heritage and what the culture is like regarding my ancestors. All the rich history regarding Europe and Scandinavia... I need to win the lottery so I can travel and
    see the world! I mean I have wasted half my life away, and I want to spend the other half traveling and seeing new things. Don't worry about my education, I am very diligent
    when it comes to things and seeing them through. That is one thing about my character is that when I start a project I will always finish it. Usually when I say that I am going to do something I also stick to that plan. Like when I say that I am going to visit Denmark, I will one day be over there amongst all you great people! I think that I want a girl friend first... Since that is one thing that I have honestly failed at, and I am not used to failing. It quite honestly bothers me that I failed in that quest. The only thing that has worked sort of, was the online dating sites... Actually meeting people in person and asking them out is so beyond my capabilities that I dare not even try it, out of intense fear... Here I go again, spilling my guts to everyone. That is what I get for going to a psychologist and psychiatrist. They got me to open up, and now I can't shut my mouth long enough to catch my breath! Haha! :eek:)
    Yeah, I know what you mean about not having any money. I've been without a job since April of last year. I am currently getting "unemployment" insurance from the government, and I am also going back to school full time to become a nurse. Quite the switch to go from electronics for 16+ years to becoming a nurse... Weird huh? Just not sure if I will be able to do it with having social anxiety and feeling very uncomfortable around people... Guess I will just have to force myself into doing it, because I need a good paying job and a job that is stable to last me until I retire from work... I would still love to see Denmark, even if it is all flat and there isn't anything to see... I still want to see it! I just hope that I won't need a translator! :eek:) Because I only speak two languages... English and bad English! :eek:) Haha!
    Yeah, I was born in the states... Anoka, Minnesota to be exact. Allot of Scandinavian people here in Minnesota. My mothers grandfather was from Copenhagen (sp?)... Thats about all I know of my ancestry, which is sad. I've always wanted to see what Denmark looks like, as well as some other parts of Europe. Maybe one day when I get up enough money, I will venture across the "pond" haha!
    Thanks for adding me as a friend! I hope that you are well!
    I just noticed that you are from Denmark! That's neat, I am mostly Danish... Some German, French and English.
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