What Animal Are You?


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For instance, I'd probably compare myself to a cat since cats are known for their secretive, quiet personalities. I think I'm like a cat because I do keep things to myself, hide in my room and walk pace back and forth like a cat, and I don't even come out of my room for a long time until I feel like that. So in some aspects, I do consider myself to have somewhat characteristics/attitude of a cat. Even with chinese zodiac signs, they say I am an Ox as well for being creative and forming new ideas.


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i'm timid, nocturnal, eager to please and keep the peace and i like to sleep... a lot. so maybe a squirrel or bat :) plus i have big earlobes & am small! ahh animals, i love them so. much more than humans!


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I think if I had to be an animal I would like to be an ant. I'm fascinated by them and I love team work so there is that.


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For some reason, I think I would like to be a bird, like a city pigeon or crow.
I'm probably more like a demented sloth but whatever.


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Im definitely a wolf, or would be rather. Though it would be nice to be a bird. To be able to fly anywhere I chose.


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First of all, thank you for posting this thread. It's such a good question and I wish it was socially acceptable to ask this when you're first meeting a person. Or maybe it is. What do I know I'm here on this website, so yeah. Anyways, other people say I'm a lizard. Which is like...wow thanks. I mean lizards are cool in a lot ways that I'm sure I'm not aware of, but like I'd prefer to be something less...plain. The animal I would LIKE to be is a jaguar. They're so suave and sensual. They're like water and light.