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  • Yeah I can imagine how hot GA can be. I passed through there one summer. I'm lucky where I live we usually don't get buried in snow. But we can get our share. I'm in the southeastern part of the state. Lower Hudson Valley.
    I guess I'm lucky the summer months where I live in NY are more temperate. It's usually not that brutal. It can though be in the 90's and humid frequently in some summers here.
    I'm always sad when Halloween ends. Nice time of the year. Time goes by too fast. The summer is still my favorite time of the year.
    "I like walking through old graveyards. I like to look at the old stones and try to imagine what the person's life was like." ahh yeah me too! i was just up in Auckland (New Zealand) and right in the middle of the city Literally was this old graveyard surrounded by brush and trees it was beautiful and yet there wasn't a sole in sight and i also love your avatar :3

    Heres a picture: http://i.imgur.com/XKhrQ.jpg
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