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  • Hi nicsa! nice to meet you :)

    Oh! so we have a friend in common :D
    thank you for passing by, I would love to be friends with you, we have so much in common, as I can see.
    I also suffer from social anxiety, I suffered from depression in the past and I deal everyday with emotional ups and downs and other issues as well. I don't suffer from hyperhidrosis but I know it's a very bothersome problem and I'm sorry you've got to go through this. I also like to meet people going through the same as me, that way I don't feel so alone. Here you've got a friend to talk anytime you want.

    And as for my name, yes, I'm Ana, but i'm not from the UK, actually I'm from Argentina :D I wanted to come here to practise my English a little bit as well! And what about you? Where are you from? I hope you are ok, a big hug for you!
    howdy doo Ransfordrowe i love all animals but my favourite are dogs cos they're so loyal and lovely... :) they always put a smile on my face and by gum i need that!!
    hey i replied to you today via a private msg... not sure i saw this msg here from 2 wks ago. i dont know why ASL isnt still being used - what are the kids these days sayin now? do ppl still use LOL? ha im only 26 but feel so old. i always dress in dark clothing, wear baggy clothes, wear a dark cardigan or only wear certain materials to try and stop the patches and smells frrom bein noticed. ive been doing this 15 yrs with failed medicines and roll-ons. have u tried botox or any pills? i didnt want to use botox incase of compensatory sweating and because it's animal derived but i was told there are synthetic so may look into that... anyway thanks for replyin and hope to speak to u soon. are u a gal or a guy btw?? nic x
    Hi :), I havent been asked ASL since the old days of msn messenger haha! yeah I'm 25 from blackwood, how about yourself? I've suffered badly with all over hh for the last 10 years, however have found a way to gain some control over it in the form of propantheline. Hh cost me my degree at university due to the embarrassment I felt over it, so this drug has been a miracle for me!
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