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  • Hi.I dont have any dogs of my own.Huskies are beautiful dogs to look at.They have realIy distinctive faces.have seen a couple of people out about with them.I dont think many people have them in England due to the cost of getting them.Chilly is an interesting name for a dog.What kind of personaltity does Chilly have?
    Its autumn(fall) here so its gotten colder and wetter.But some trees have turned lovely colours.What dogs do you like and do you have any?
    Hi.From when I was at college I can relate to what you described.I found that getting into the routine of college life helpful.Once I knew my way around the buildings to the library,classrooms etc that helped abit in me settling in.I also reminded myself that I was there to learn and probably other people in the class were nervous too due to them being new.

    Have you spoken to your classmates much even to say hi and what are you studying?
    Hi.Sorry about my slow response.I like fantasy books were magic exists and the real world of earth plays a part.

    How is college going?
    Hi.My username is my actual name. Not an imagnative username.Lol.I had a look online at some work by Tony Diterlizzi.It was really striking and I liked the drawings of dragons escpically.I read alot and some of the books I like are fantasy based.

    What do you draw and paint?
    Hi.I grow lots of things in containers rather than in the ground directly.Its way for me to be creative by producing something beautiful.Its therapeutic and calming for me being around plants and nature in general.

    What art interests you?
    Hi.California does sound picturesque and probably would be nice to walk around in.Yes I enjoy doing gardening and I find it relaxing.Do you grow anything?
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