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  • Z moves (basically powerful techniques usable only by some specific pokémons) , alola form, taking picture of pokemons (like in pokémon snap,useless feature if you ask me)
    I watched the playthrough of persona 4, it has an amazing OST.
    I might be a religious person, but not a hardcore one if I could say so, video games and music are things that my religious view doesn't affect.

    You'd surely enjoy Sun/Moon they've added many new features
    Yeah the last pokémon games include many facultative features like the training thing, and the pokémon cuddling and feeding thing.

    Never played Digimon, watched the first season on tv more than 10 years ago, I don't understand the concept.
    I am a hardcore pokémon fan, that's true, but that's one of the only nintendo games I play.

    I haven't played anything except pokémon ORAS and XY since this summer.

    how about you Megaten?
    Im sorry Im writing this - I jsut feel still a little paranoid in writing in my journal- I will prob do so tonight anyway- even if I may feel like deleting it afterwards.

    I mean, I know he has schizophrenia and also something that really hurts me is that is also into doing the ice drug - which he has been doing for over 4 years and lots of times per week- its just Ive had to deal with that- and then that he doesnt have any money and Im people pleasing him with mine.

    He loves me. But because its all so imbalanced - on many things - intellectually,healthlly financially, all sorts of ways - that I find myself getting angry with expectations of him you know. But I do have patience and calm myself and then communicate to him whats up.

    Relationships can be quite a balance game really.

    How is yours doing?
    Hey Megaten,

    How are you doing?

    Im okay. Just havent been journaling and looking after myself like I do usually. Im just a bit annoyed at my partner for selective hearing - (not talking about telling him what to do or anything like that) - just basic communication can seem so hard and delayed - I see the back of his head most times as he is always online doing Facebook and his guitar things and I wonder sometimes why I am even here at his place you know.. its like he has to actually turn around and think about it and then realise he has been ignoring me - yet its just still annoying. He becomes all silly in mood and joking around immaturely or really serious and hardly talkative with not much emotion and selective hearing but with in between very loving and loyal behaviour that always catches me out when Im thinking ill of him.
    Sorry for the late reply! My main is Junkrat (I've played 30 hours with him oops). His play style is really fun and chaotic so I love it aha. I also play a lot of Mercy and Pharah as well as a bit of Winston and I have a stab and all the characters every now and then, but Junkrat, Mercy, and Pharah are my go to. I hope to get better at Reindhardt and Mccree too!
    Well, I can't speak for all Germans but my friends and I are all the time sarcastic. But I think everybody knows people who just don't get it. But iI think that type of cliche is all right :)

    I hope for you that it doesn't come to President Trump (urg).
    Especially for the future foreign minister. It would be a hard job to always have to compensate & apologize for what T has said/done/... :-D
    I think he is an ok businessman. I mean he had kind of an head start. Who has a billionaire (or more?) father and get's 1 million to start his own business? I think he is no selfmade man and with that conditions it's not that hard to be successful. And he even is not that successful, an example for that is Atlantic City. And I think too that it would create a social devide. And we must not forget that he seems to be quite a bit racist. His vote could contribute that extremly-right ideologies become (slowly) socially accepted.
    Oh yes, Solas is quite exhausting. There is always one who always has a problem with what you do (for me it was in DAO: Morrigan, DA2: Fenris).
    That with the technology also crossed my mind. It would be a bit arrogant to think we are the only one out there ore the ones with the most advanced technology.
    I was born in Germany, but I've moved from one end to another (bc of the job of my father). You are from America, right? I imagine for you 600 km are not that far.
    I hope you have no prejudices (there are a lot when you say you are from Germany). some people are leven like "Wow for a nazi, you are quite nice" :-D *facepalm*
    So you are from Noth Carolina. Did you have to move? &Are you living in a city or more in the countryside? And please tell me you are not pro Trump (I know Hillary is not a good alternative either, but Trump is ...).
    When you finish it we have to discuss the end! It was a little bit mind blowing. My main reason to play it is also the story. (Sorry if i've spoiled it for you :-( )What other RPGs do you like? I assume the Witcher, right? I started to play it, but I didn't get that far (like you with DA) and currently I have no time for playing.
    Wow, you are almost poetic :) is it like a form of mediation for you (like content star gazing and centering yourself) or are you thinking about everything and nothing? Because when I have this universe-and-me-moments my mind is going places. From the big bang, to "Are we alone? There must be life somewhere", to parallel universes & the string theorie (which I don't get, but I think it's nevertheless interesting).
    I've never seen the Milky Way, because I've never been far enough away from cities. But it's definitly on my to-do list.
    That sounds soo nice. I never was into star gazing, but if I picture it like that, it sounds as if one has to try it. :)
    You like Dragon Age! I can't wait for the new part! I hope that the Warden will be part of it (but I think that is just wishful thinking...). Do you think that Solas is the new main opponent? And what was this end scene with Flemeth?! (Wtf)
    And yes I'm lucky that dancing works for me. I think it does because I'm dancing with a friend i've known forever. And we are in a big group and everybody is focused on him/herself.
    That's cool, we had a chemistry intership, where we had to run various tests. I think it was fun (it was a bit like cooking according to recipe), but I can see that it might be a mess if one has to know everything about it. I'm in the second bachelor semester. We have almost every lecture with medical students (physics, biochemistry, chemistry,...) which is kind of nice, because a friend from home is studying it at the same university.
    The most I like anatomy (that is one module we don't have with the medis), especially histology. What do you like about astronomy? The theories about the genesis of the universe? And what computer games do you like? Shooter/strategy/RPG/...?
    Well, I can't claim that my taste good :)
    I'm going to check it out. Thank you :-*
    I like books like "the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"& "the Lord of Rings" (but that is more to relax). Currently I (try to) read Freud's "Psychoanalysis".
    Snarky sense of humor - oh man, I'm looking forward to read some of those books.
    What are you interested in? I study nutrition science. what are you doing?
    Hello again :)
    What is your favorite Urban Fantasy book? I'm looking for good holiday reading material.
    WHAT, it's fine, i'm not jealous but i don't think i'll be able to help you with DS anymore...

    Haha it's from the special edition, right? very cool
    It's a 3rd person MOBA. It's like LoL where it's free and you have to purchase the gods and skins separately. Everything can be earned for free, bit I do recommend getting the God Pack which gives you all the gods and any new ones that come out. It's on PC, Xbone and PS4. It's super competitive, so if you like that kinda thing it's super fun. Takes a little while to learn all the little intricacies, but not that hard to play. If you have a PS4 you should add me, my PSN is Razzlecherry.
    Well, it would never happen, but I've always liked John Milius. He directed the original Conan The Barbarian, and the original Red Dawn (an ensemble cast, like JLA would be), he also wrote the Apocalypse Now screenplay. He's a right-wing guy though, so Hollywood's given him the cold shoulder for decades; but he'd be my dream choice.

    I think John Favreau would be a good contemporary choice as far as the Justice League movie goes, he and Sam Raimi basically brought comic book movies back from their 1990's depths with Iron Man and Spiderman, respectively. As far as Raimi, I like him, but I think he's a little-bit unpredictable for a JLA film. Spiderman 1 & 2 were good, but 3 stunk on ice.
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