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  • https://youtu.be/nLPYbtJpD-s This man is 26 years old dealing with gaslighting and emotional abuse from his own mother all his life. You tell me if that's not a good enough reason to feel depressed. (And notice how she interrupts him in these videos CONSTANTLY.)
    I can't say I wasn't upset by your comment. You don't know the reality I'm forced to live in. Emotional abuse is dangerous and CAN possibly kill you. Take that into consideration.
    Think of it this way: If you suddenly lost one of your legs and I came up to you and told you "Well, you don't have a reason to be upset because someone else lost both of their legs." How would this make you feel? Disempowered maybe? Less confident? You wouldn't like it if someone denied you help/validation when you desperately needed it, would you?
    Studies have shown that persistent emotional abuse can shrink the brain and is linked to heart disease. So please do not undermine what I'm going through. It's bad enough I get disregarded by all my therapists, social workers, and outsider and I've silently kept these problems to myself for years. It's painful. My trauma is real. I may have shelter, food and water but my environment is still abusive. That's what
    Please be more supportive of me. I'm suffering from enmeshment abuse which is harmful to me and my brain. Look up how narcissistic abuse damages the brain. And I'd also appreciate it if people didn't try to shut me down EVERY TIME I express my emotions. Abuse isn't a competition and just because someone out there is in a worse position than me doesn't mean I'm not justified in feeling upset about my own situation.
    Your welcome. What country is that in? Morocco? What advice were you going to give me?
    So you should be graduating soon then right? Congratulations! Remind me where your hometown is again? Btw did you get my message or you didn't get to it yet?
    I'm confused, are you graduating this semester or next semester?

    How many years did you stay in school in France?
    Oh, I hope it is controlled.

    So you are done with school now? I meant how many years have you been in college?
    Cool, will you have your social anxiety controlled there?

    So you have 1 more semester to go right? How long have you been going to school?
    I'm confused. What is a birthday's birthday or you meant a friend's birthday party? You took the last exam for your semester? I'll send a pm.
    Your welcome. Last exam for the semester? What is a first for you? Not good but I feel more comfortable saying it through a pm to you if you don't mind?.
    That's good. Sorry I thought I replied to you before but I didn't. How are you doing?
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