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  • Your welcome. What country is that in? Morocco? What advice were you going to give me?
    So you should be graduating soon then right? Congratulations! Remind me where your hometown is again? Btw did you get my message or you didn't get to it yet?
    I'm confused, are you graduating this semester or next semester?

    How many years did you stay in school in France?
    Oh, I hope it is controlled.

    So you are done with school now? I meant how many years have you been in college?
    Cool, will you have your social anxiety controlled there?

    So you have 1 more semester to go right? How long have you been going to school?
    I'm confused. What is a birthday's birthday or you meant a friend's birthday party? You took the last exam for your semester? I'll send a pm.
    Your welcome. Last exam for the semester? What is a first for you? Not good but I feel more comfortable saying it through a pm to you if you don't mind?.
    That's good. Sorry I thought I replied to you before but I didn't. How are you doing?
    I find reading to be an accessible way to broaden your mind but it's quite rare I find a book where I think it's pure entertainment to read it. That's impressive about War and Peace though. I don't think I would even attempt that one.

    Haha, that's quite uncanny. He's Brazilian btw. Do you speak any portugese as well?

    Hehe, I see. So languages is only a hobby for you then? So what made you want to learn English in France? I thought they didn't speak much English there and even looked down on it.

    I think video games can be fun but I'm rather selective about them though. My cousin recently introduced me to Until Dawn which I enjoyed. What about you?
    This is quite interesting. I was talking with this other guy from another social anxiety site and he was also very interested in languages and russian litterature and movies. Do you like animé as well? Sounds great. Is it your goal to work at UNESCO? This sounds silly in comparision but I speak 2, Swedish and English .I tried Spanish in school but forgot most of it. I feel that's the hardest part, maintaining it and that you need to be exposed to the language.. Since I'm so exposed to English anyway I decided to just try and excel at that instead.
    That's quite a lot then. I had only seen Kopps out of those but I've heard of the other Swedish movies as well. I watch american movies, drama or comedy for the most part. I recently saw this famous french movie though, Amélie and the french was surprisingly pleasant to listen to. Yeah finnish is a mystery to me, it doesn't resemble any language that I'm familiar with. So how many languages do you know?
    That's really cool. So you're a polyglot then. Yes, I understand. It's not very motivating to try and learn any of those languages when english will do just fine here. I hardly watch any scandinavian movies myself. Which ones have you seen for example?
    Last time we spoke you mean? You're more reckless and crazy then?

    I'm okay just anxious.
    I'm okay, but really anxious.

    Oh it's okay.

    Sorry I have spoken in a long time.
    Hello, how are you doing?

    It's okay. Do you eat snacks during the day. Why do you feel it is better way to control yourself?
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