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  • Sorry about the slow response.It sounds like the Hulk might be one of your favourite comic characters.The Hulk is certainly one of the most distinctive looking of the main marvel characters.A long with the Beast and Iron man at least in my view.I saw in a comic book store that there is a comic with Amadeus Cho as the Hulk.An interesting choice and I dont remember the Hulk comic series without Banner as the Hulk.
    Hi.Your lucky to have good comic book shops in your area.Im lucky too since there are two good comic shops only a bus journey away in a town called Croydon.I think there is a place in Canada called Croydon.One shop is called the Forbidden Planet and the other is called A place in Space.Some guys have to travel quite a way to reach a decent shop to get their comics.

    The idea of Bruce Banner turning into the green eye 'monster' Hulk when anger is such a clever one.The idea that the Hulk wanted to be left alone and really is not the villian really appealed to me.Over the years though different writers have evolved the Hulk character.He is different in some ways to the original Hulk.
    Hi.Sorry about slow response.I think I have seen World War Hulk on the Amazon site.Also there is a comic shop in my local area in London called a Place in Space.They have a huge amount of comics and they sell them to people in the UK and around the world.They have a Place in Space website.Maybe you could use them.

    Do you have good comics in Canada?

    Do you remember the Incredible Hulk tv series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Feringo.I really enjoyed that show and actually watched them again recently on tv.
    I do like the Hulk comics with him in the Avengers.The animated series called Avengers:Earths mightest Hereos I like also Hulk Agents of SMASH.Do you like the more articulate Hulk or the more original one?
    My carpel tunnel pain is so bad now I cant even open a bottle of powerade anymore. Its all because over Christmas break I tried to marathon beat Arkham knight, Rise of Tomb Raider and Mad Max. Learn from my follies and dont let Sony destroy your hands lol...
    thanks for accepting the friend request. Meant to write this sooner but it slipped my mind I guess due to my daily craziness.
    I apologize for my cut-off but I have been having connection problems. Bad area, you see.
    I read your thread. You're not alone in feeling the way that you do. I pretty much have no one either and have to answer to the inner voice of my mind, which is a day by day struggle. It's tough managing on your own, but I also think it's the best time to learn how to be your own best companion. If you don't, you will still be dealing with the same problems down the road, whether there are people there for you or not. If you need to talk feel free to message me.
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