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  • Hey....no need to apologize! It sucks that you're always being bullied. I've noticed some people in this forum are always on the receiving end. That's not fair. But, continue being the good person that you are. Don't let those Je*ks affect your opinion of yourself. You're really cool!
    Sorry all about the compassion thread. I read your post. You should definitely show more compassion to yourself and NOT the bully. But, also understand that the bully's actions had little to nothing to do with you. They are just a mean and broken person.
    Congratulations on getting your degree!! I'm tackling my fears head on and trying to improve myself. Things are tough but I'm also making tough choices. If I can continue to move forward without relapsing into a depression then I'll be on my way to a better life. (crossing fingers!)
    Your stumbling blocks sound a lot like mine. I guess the best thing we can do is keep on trying to overcome them.

    Anyway Jaim, thank you for taking the time to reply to me, I appreciate it.
    Jaim, Do you mind if I ask you something - What would you say is your biggest stumbling block in fitting in with people at college? I started college about 2 weeks ago, and a lot of the time, my mind goes completely blank when it comes to talking with anyone.
    I would be your friend if I could jaim! Just saying (read your post and feeling too shy to post lol). Hopefully some girls will cross paths with you one day where you see a potential for friendships. I know the feeling.
    Yes you definitely do! We all need some pampering when the going gets tough. Enjoy yourself, and don't let anyone get to you! I know it's easier said then done, but as soon as you start with the pampering it eases a little. Have fun :)
    Hey there, I read your post and you seem very upset. I'm very sorry to hear that. It's not fair what your brother's doing...It seems to me like he's acting like your dictator...That honestly sucks. Well I just wanted to tell you that if you wanna talk/rant (lol) i wouldn't mind. We all need it sometimes. :3 You could send me a PM or just chat here or something. I know it sucks having to go through shit like that...
    Love your sig! It is a reminder to me that I can't please everyone, and that I need to stop trying to randomly please people that are not important.
    Hi there. I saw your post in the thoughts thread and wanted to reply. Regarding that foreign guy and chatting, I've been accused of being racist before as well or that I think I'm "better than others" because I didn't reciprocate similar feelings. This guy sounds like he's trying to manipulate you and may be dealing with issues of his own. Some people can sense others personalities and will try to take advantage of certain types if you come across as nice, sweet and caring. I think it would be in your best interest to end conversations with him. You do not know enough about someone within a week, that you've never seen or met to acquire a true feeling of love for them. He may be idealizing you. You don't owe him an explanation to stop talking with him, but if you want you can just say you don't share similar feelings and no longer feel comfortable speaking with him- then leave it at that. My lamb senses are going off blinking "danger". Hope that helps!
    How do the two differ for you? Would you say the SA is a result of PTSD?
    Thank you for posting on my thread regarding PTSD. Would you say you have PTSD in addition to SA? I'm guessing the two for me may go hand in hand.
    Hey, I saw your post regarding showering and your brother. ..Could we be related?..lol. Mines is the same way, except I doubt he's obsessed with cleanliness because his room is a land fill! Very infuriating.
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