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  • Hey Marc, Sorry for the delay, I haven't been logging in a lot these past days. No it's in Algeria, I used up my advice when it comes to what you described on the PM.
    Yes Marc7, thank you (-=. Algiers, I did, sorry for not being able to reply to it, because I didn't know what further advice I could give you without being redundant.
    I don't really know, that's the first time.

    Yes this one is the last. from 1998 to 2018. 20 Freaking years!!!!
    Yes, I am, I wouldn't want to miss an occasion like that, there will be people I don't know too.
    Yes last semester before graduation.
    Yes a Friend's birthday party, last exam of the semester.

    Sorry I didn't proofread.
    I meant by that that I only attend to family birthday paries, It's the first time that I am invited to a birthday's birthday, it's not the same setting. I don't mind, but you don't have to say it if you don't want to
    Hello Marc7 no worries, I am doing good, thank you for asking, having my last exam tomorrow, planning to go to a birthday party soon, that's a first for me with friends. how are you doing?
    Feeling a bit better since last time, more reckless and crazy, rather.
    How about you?
    I am fine thank you , how about you?
    I honestly don't know how to reply to this
    Hello Marc7, I haven't logged into SPW for a while, hence this delayed reply : because I see it as a way to better control myself, withstanding hunger but nonetheless, eating all that is needed by the body in one meal.
    Not really, I was doing my gymnastics every morning and sweating a lot, I am used to eating only one meal a day regardless.
    Good, we got to spend 'Eid Al Fitr' together, that's a religious holiday to mark the end of the fasting month, it is custom to bake different cookies and biscuits during that event.
    They call it Université, payed a visit to my family in Africa. Not personal don't worry, but you sir are an addict to questions
    No worries Marc7, College (en) = Ecole supérieure (fr) , but Collège (fr) = Middle school (en) , was on a two weeks vacation abroad, now I am back.
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