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  • FountainandFairfax
    It wasn't in reference to anything specific. Sorry about for the confusion. I found it inspiring and you're the only other Connery devotee I know. XD
    Oh! Thanks. :)

    Just asked if it was in relation to my post, as I got the notification about that gif a few days after the post I made.

    Having said that, that Connery gif from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade did put my pissed off post into perspectiveso it was actually inspiring. 😁 (y)
    Glad I could be of service. :)
    Where huv ah been ye ask? Absolutely naewhere! Ha! Hiya, btw. I've been cooped up in the house with my mum since this feckin' coronavirus lockdown/quarantine started here in the UK. So, we're bored, fed-up and quite agitated with no being in our usual routines. My mother misses going to shops. And am missing my oldest sister getting me outta the house & having a chat with her in during her work breaks.
    On top o' that ma laptop went and crashed twice in the past 2 months - near the start o' April and towards the end of May, there. So I've been restoring it, making sure it's working properly. It's a pain in the arse when things don't work as they should. As a result, ah huv'nae really been playing, either, my guitars or my electric piano keyboard much lately.
    Well its good to see you back in the forum again
    Congratulations on your riff, Graeme! I know you had to be shocked, that's such great news.
    Thanks, man... Shocked is understatement, to be honest. Disbelief, more like. Cuz I didn’t even realise the riff was trending until, outta curiosity, ah decided to have a look at the Metal playlist of SoundCloud’s Hot & New trending tracks. And there’s me top o’ the list ! Behind a metal cover of a track from one of the more recent Sonic the Hedgehog games.
    Join the club, been so stressed for weeks head may pop with it all!

    Maiden are my fave band! Have you seen them live? I seen Metallica for the first time this year in glasgo...was awwwwwesome! :D
    Hey Graeme1988, I am also being in a bad mood lately, because I don't feel as productive as I want it to be, don't be hard on yourself it will get back to normal.
    It was really great, some parts I just can't understand without the subtitles. Oh and there is about 30 min of deleted content (that is available on youtube).
    Hello Graeme, watched Trainspotting 2 yesterday, it was marvelous, thought about you for a (wee) bit. It was quite difficult for me to understand though.
    I like this Biffy Clyro band. They have a real raw edgy sound. And they are from Scotland ...nice! It is good you get to so many shows. I wish I still went to see live music. The new town I live near gets tons of good acts so now I have no excuse...well except I get really nervous around crowds, there's that :(
    I think seeing Rush only twice was about the coolest thing I have ever done where there were a lot of people. I have see other bands but Rush fans I felt the best vibe with.
    I hope to maybe see Tool but they are not touring this state for their 2017 tour. I hear they put on an amazing live show. I am ready to loose some more hearing LOL like I did for Metallica.
    And about that bass. I do have a good excuse right now as it is behind a locked door I cannot get into until I pay the back fees for this storage shed it is in. I am broke right no and all my stuff is in this storage shed. Total mess.
    This is the best bit of documentary footage ever recorded imo
    Video: Seventeen-Year-Old Future Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson Persuades His Parents to Let Him Become a Musician | MetalSucks
    I don't think the link works but do you remember this?
    Ok I am out of control with my Rush fangirl s h i t I will crawl back under my rock now.
    No worries I found a site to watch movies for free so I watch a lot of new stuff often. Yes their other recent doc you mentioned was very different and made them look straight edged as hell. It was even poking fun of them after shows they wouldn't party like you said with the other bands so it was kinda shocking to see them admit to drug use honestly...
    Ah, my image of them is ruined now! LOL
    But I suppose it is because they will no longer tour live that they are being honest finally?!!
    I would love to hear you play the into to Xanadu. I hung out with a pretty good bass player who could play the bass riffs pretty well in that song. That always made me jealous to not be able to play bass :( But now I have one and it sits in my storage shed unplayed.
    Ha watching them play that song now with the double necks and the crazy awesome clothes and hair.
    The best music has been played and is behind us folks. The end of an era-friggin depressing
    Hey-Did you see the new Rush doc? "Time Stands Still" I thought it was interesting the way they were admitting to partying and drug use whereas for the most part they always tried to have a super clean image. You always had to question how the hell they could play like that without some help from coke or speed.
    Ur welcome! Not sure when you'll see this cause I'm assuming you're in Scotland based on your profile. Different time zones?
    Hi Graeme. Is it that?

    Idk if you seen it but I messaged you again in the chat but it is okay if we talk here though.

    Hope your doing well too.
    Well you indeed look a lot like Lewis hamilton, same eyes, eyebrows and skin colour. When it comes to the beard however, I think that you look a bit like Tom Hardy.
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