I want to know ten things about you.

1.) My dad would beat the crap out of me as a child; it still hurts

2.) If I were to do it all over again, I'd skip my depressed teen years

3.) I used to burn myself with cigarettes and hot needles in my teens, but only last night I realized that I was self-mutilating; I began to cry :eek:

4.) I meditate every day and practice martial arts for personal development

5.) It was love at first sight with beekeeping when I was 17, started to raise my own at 18 :cool:

6.) Since childhood, women would confide things in me they shouldn't have

7.) Often, I am too damn serious, but I'm learning to laugh at myself

8.) Stopped crying at 17. Unable till about 2 yrs. ago at 49

9.) Don't like extremes of any kind, but am accepting of a lot now. A lot!

10.) I am glad for what all of you shared: teaches me plenty! :D

11.) Don't like scary movies at all: they haunt me for months

12.) Am still somewhat shy, but have come a very long way

13.) Went to #13 because it's my lucky number.


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I've yet to tell you ten things about me...

1) I put my cereal in the fridge to keep it cold..the whole box.
2) I tend to stash spliffs behind my posters on my wall. It's like finding a twenty in your pocket.
3) I know every word to every song sang in the movie Grease. One of my favorite movies.
4)Strangest crushes would be Freddie Mercury, Gene Wilder and Chuck Norris.
5)Could be a full blown vegetarian were it not for my love of a good steak :rolleyes:
6) I'm desperate to meet Stan Lee and have him sign my rare Spider Man comic.
7) It's a fact that when it comes to Halo....I can kick any man's ass. :D
8) I can play the piano, I got into it because classical music brings tears to my eyes.
9) Robert Plant is my idol. Led Zeppelin is my muse.
10) I just discovered I have a birth mark for the first time yesterday...weird.
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Lorraine Manca

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1. kid at heart
2. i developed speech later than usual as a kid, which flagged me as retarded
3. im a magnet for bipolar people
4. flannery o'connor, awesome stuff
5. my family has an extensive history of mental illness, screwed from birth
6. i love music, bluegrass, jazz, gospel, folk, blues, anything but jimmy buffet
7. addicted to caffiene pills, 200 mg per pill i think, they help my mood
8. i love the south
9. i hate the real world, whatever that is, and read to escape it
10. im very influenced by one strange and spastic literature professor


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1) I am a nice person. 2) I try to not say anything that would hurt anyone feeling unless they disrespect me first. 3) I am a accountant undergraduate. 4) I am not very social at times. 5) I try to workout everyday. 6) I daydream and zone out a lot. 7) I like philosophy 8) Don't have a girlfriend, i don't try either due to lack of confidence? 9) I am still searching for what i want in life. 10) Other may view my life as a failure but i am happy at my life at the current moment.
Ok im gonna do an ocd list of ten things about me

1. when i wash i have to wash same area multiple times
2. dont like putting my hand in a bag of crisps
3. must use toilet paper to get out of toilet/use toilet taps
4. i mark areas on my body that i need to check with a pen
5. i do not like to handle coins
6. when people sneeze near me i feel like ive been infected
7. i notice people with dirty nails this disturbs me
8. i treat any blood i see as infected with e.g. aids (even if i know the person)
9.worry i may have gotten std from using public toilets
10. check body in mirror notice my left nipple is a couple of milimeters lower than my right


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1. I have blue eyes.
2. I can roll my tongue but my brother can't... does that mean one of us is adopted?
3. If I decide to listen to music at midnight "just for a bit", I'll mess around on the computer doing nothing then look at the clock and realise it's 6am.
4. Dr. Pepper is my favourite drink.
5. I love the colour blue. Especially the sky when it's clear and sunny. And when the sea is turqoise.
6. I study Software Engineering (basically computer stuff) but I hate talking about computers and my other nerdy hobbies. I'd rather talk about other things.
7. If I get really hungry late at night I'll just go to the kitchen and make a proper meal.
8. I convince myself I fit the criteria for pretty much every personality disorder, self-diagnosing myself from Wikipedia.
9. I don't keep my toothbrush in the bathroom because someone told me when you flush the toilet lots of filthy water particles splash up in the air and can land on the toothbrush and make it dirty.
10. SA has made me really interested in psychology. I was tempted to study it at uni, but realised I would be a **** psychologist (listening to peoples problems as a job = hell).


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9. I don't keep my toothbrush in the bathroom because someone told me when you flush the toilet lots of filthy water particles splash up in the air and can land on the toothbrush and make it dirty.
Your toothbrush should be more than five feet away from the toilet at all times or if not, at least covered because that is indeed true. Sorry for anyone who has OCD and just read this..


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1. I'm French Canadian.
2. I learned English by watching Batman cartoons and playing Super Nintendo when I was a kid.
3. I'm addicted to the anime "Mobile Suit Gundam".
4. I'm good with computers. I hope to become a programmer, maybe work in the video game industry.
5. I'm supposed to be studying mathematics right now but I'm procrastinating as always.
6. I'm a huge fan of Joss Whedon.
7. I've never smoked, taken drugs or drank alcohol in my whole life and I don't plan to.
8. I used to be a good athlete before having SA. Now I'm just on the computer all day.
9. I like Japanese music and Asian movies.
10. When I was a kid I won a drawing contest and my name was put in the local newspaper. My mom did the drawing.
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i'm a mom, a narcoleptic and insomniac, have a passion for men, music, comedy and toy dogs, hate sports with a passion, have illegible handwriting (so bad, *i* can't even read it), can type 110wpm (as officially documented by my high school typing tyrant - er, i mean teacher) and use incorrect punctuation on purpose these days...which increases my typing speed to warp 12...hmm - what else? - oh yeah, i'm also extremely forgetful, disorganized, and really bad at math - in fact, i'm not even sure how many things i listed here - i even counted...twice - hell, i don't even know what technically qualifies as "one".
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1. I like to do my own thing.
2. I'm very into my music.
3. Quite stubborn :)P)
4. I'm always fussing over my family to make sure they are ok.
5. I get very shy when meeting people for the first time.
6. I love animals like cats and dogs.
7. The sunshine makes me happy.
8. Quite Gullible.
9. Im addicted to chocolate (i seriously am!)
10. My favoruite colour is baby blue.

1. i'm 100% honest, 98% of the time :)
2. i rarely capitalize letters, and i don't dot my i's
3. i love my dog like my own child, no seriously..
4. i'm a dreamer.. i always have super interesting and vivid dreams, at least two or three a night or every time i sleep. i love sleep because i love my dreams
5. 99.9% of the time, i can tell when a person is dishonest, shady or fake.. 'cause you can't bullsh!t a bullsh!tter :)
6. 311 is my happy music <3
7. i love people who know when and how to speak their mind, who don't bother with beating around the bush and expect the same from others.
8. i adore shoes!
9. my ultimate goal in life is just to be completely happy :)
10. i have seen 17 seasons of 'the real world' in their entirety.. i have no idea how! haha



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1.) I dropped out of high school in October.
2.) I currently have a deadbeat job as a waitress.
3.) I've never broken a bone.
4.) I HATE spiders and snakes.
5.) I LOVE cats!
6.) I feel like i can't do anything right.
7.) I hate being dependent on medication.
8.) I have no nails... they are short. :/ lol
9.) I wish i was normal.
10.) I don't trust anyone.


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1] I have a perpetual hunger in my heart for something more than this world can provide.
2] I'm terrifed that I'm losing that sense of wonder from my childhood.
3] I'm never quite good enough
4] I want to be recognised as a great artist
5] I feel consistently overwhelemed by this universe we live in and all its mysteries.
6] honouring my vows of celibacy has become one of the hardest challenges I've ever faced.
7] my list of life goals is constantly greater than the time needed to achieve them.
8] I struggle with feelings of meaninglessness and emptiness
9] I want to live life right, but I keep getting it wrong.
10] If I ever met me, I don't think I'd like me.