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  • I've struggled to log in for the last 6 months, thought'he' was going to pull the plug. new forum and chatbox now. wowsers
    Thank you for replying to my query, nate. Sorry to read that the site no longer works properly for you. I always use the option to revert back to the layout of the old version, and it works OK for me then.
    However I am surprised it is still exists too, considering only a few people use it now, lol. Glad to know you are "alive" at least though :thumbup:
    I can't go back on Facebook, so I assume I will eventually lose contact with everyone on here when it does eventually shut down. So incredibly sad! :sad:
    Oh you're gone! Good to know. I was dropping by to know if you were ok since I haven't heard from you since a while. Apparently I wasn't the only one worried. Anyway I hope for you that you will drop by at some point just a second to see that adorable puppy below.

    ah ok, Sorry to hear that it has burnt you out. :sad:
    I am sure that no one in here has any idea of how time demanding being a mod in this site really is. I greatly admire you taking the job in the first place, and lasting as long as you have! :thumbup:
    Well i watched It on Netflix. Ended on a cliffhanger and was canceled so you didnt lose much
    About the mist, yes i've watched both the film and the tv series, loved the film and that ending, tho sad, was amazing. A pity the tv series ended in a cliffhanger.
    I've watched it a long time ago, and i don't remember everything about that film but i remember that i liked it lol. Good movies you have there! Body horror ftw
    Is that the one about a writter that turns the things he writes into real?
    Hey Nate! Just decided to show up again randomly! In case I don't catch you later, I just wanted to say "hey." Hope all's well on the farm!
    Hello mister peas, I was rereading the person above you thread with it's (probably brief) re-emergence on the current thread list, and didn't know if you would be as interested as I was to know you changed your avatar from the Clockwork Orange image to your current octopus eye around 7 years ago now! Or perhaps you're less weird and have more normal interesting things to think about ::p:
    Those look a ton of fun, but I haven't been able to really get them yet. I've been out of the loop of VR a bit as well I have to admit. Tension here is a bit high, and taking my senses out of the situation actually makes me quite nervous.

    But at the time I spent most time in Medium, Eve Valkyrie, SuperHot, Virtual Desktop (for movies,) RoboRecall and Farlands. Also Arizona Sunshine, but I played it back when you could only use teleport for movement, so I ended up not enjoying it very much.

    Those do mostly require Touch, though. I can't quite recall, did you end up getting those too?
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