I want to know ten things about you.

Ughh 10 things, okay

1.) Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands
2.) My fav color is purple
3.) I haven't really been single since I was 12yrs, Ive always had a b/f
4.) I love psychology
5.) I didnt graduate highschool, got a GED
6.) I never met my real father
7.) My bestfriend is my ex fiance'
8.) I have an uncle in prison whom I visit
9.) I have 2 tattoos
10.) I'm getting married next year
1. I live in Hawaii

2. I love to draw...mostly fanart

3. I've recently started running, as of now the farthest I can run is half a mile but I hope to increase that more and more each day

4. I started saving for a laptop in the 4th grade by putting money aside in a box in my room. 8 years later, I finally bought one.

5. I don't smoke

6. There is a blue cup sitting on my desk

7. I have Disney music on my iPod

8. My hands are dry and peeling right now

9. I had a turkey sandwich for dinner tonight

10. I thought I would grow out of this when I became an adult. I guess I was wrong.
1. youngest of 3 children
2. movie buff (rushmore, there will be blood, donnie darko, election a few i like)
3. love being in bed when it's raining outside
4. joy division one of my top 5 bands
5. "eurogliders - can't wait to see you" would be up there as one of my favorite 80s tunes
6. drive a VW
7. love animals
8. love photography
9. i'm a leo
10. freaks and geeks fan (absolute disgrace that it was cancelled after just 1 season!)


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1. Like being creative.
2. Obsess over things until i get bored.
3. Perfectionist..mostly.
4. Love to socialise...but one outing can do me for a month or so.
5. Like dismantling and trying to put things back together.
6. Like stuff like this YouTube - ShinSight Trio - Passin By (Shinstrumental) Drum loops and other loops and looping loopy loops
7. Spent most of today listening to stuff like this and bending a piece of card back and forth, or tapping a little piece of plastic to the beat etc...lol
8. Like spending hundreds of pounds on cameras and equip....
9. 9 is my favourite number (birthday) PLUS every multiple the individual digits add up to a 9 or multiple of, oooolala~...just to big it up a little...
10. Mirrors are there to pull strange faces at.
1) I have 4 dogs, 3 yorkies tye, zac, and brandi and a shih tzi called suki.
2) I met my husband in a chatroom.
3) I can sing
4) I can spread my toes far apart
5) I get very angry about animal abuse
6) I am very caring and will try to help anyone i can.
7) I am a bit windy in the mornings as i sleep with my mouth open and dribble, lucky my hubby dont mind lol
8) I gave one of my dogs mouth to mouth when she had a heart attack and saved her life.
9) I have a nawtie sense of humor
10) I SEE DEAD PEOPLE :D and hear them, i have lived in 2 haunted houses but i don't get scared as it runs in are family and my sister is a psychic medium:)


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1) I'm hatian, french, cuban and arabic
2) I contradict myself a lot
3) Obsess with wallpapers
4) Love video games a lot
5) Love animes/ mangas a lot
6) Pass way too much time in front of a computer
7) Over think too much
8) Got the best/stupidest jokes ever
9) Love sun set or sun rise
10) obsess with smelling good


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1. I prefer Winter over Summer
2. I have been a Vegetarian for 20 years
3. Very sensitive
4. I Love the colour Red
5. I have a Beautiful Daughter
6. Like seeing bands
7. Enjoy Chocolate and red wine
8. Have a black cat
9. Dropped out of highschool
10. Like spending time in Australia's National Parks


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1 I just got four practically microscopic guppies a couple days ago!
2 I'm very maternal
3 I've never been outside of the Province where I live, let alone Canada
4 I'm easily overwhelmed
5 My hair sometimes resembles a tornado (curly monstrosity!)
6 I held a brain! Whoa, that's a good one (congratulating myself)
7 I'm afraid of deep water
8 My first elementary school had about 50 kids in total!
9 When my sister and I were little we used to pretend to speak Chinese in grocery stores. We for sure thought it was the coolest thing. We sure fooled everyone...
10 I didn't go to school yesterday because I declared it a holiday.


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1, socially phobic (of course)
2, Asexual
3, Sensitive
4, Loves to colour
5, Enjoys anime
6, wishes she had one friend in the world.
7, Would like to learn to speak another language.
8, No confidence
8, Worries about future
9, Loves reading and writing stories
10, Trying to get better at art.
1) chronic depressive
2) likes drugs
3) plans to become a psychologist
4) hates computers
5) is introverted
6) likes quality over quantity
7) likes only Spring and Fall
8) wants to live on a tropical island in a mansion
9) wants to open his own restaraunt
10) can name 95% of the cars on the road


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1. I was born on a Tuesday morning.
2. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art.
3. I was married/divorced twice.
4. I am the father of twin boys.
5. I like old British sports cars (have owned a Triumph and an MG).
6. I am a good cook.
7. I would like to be self employed.
8. I enjoy being outdoors - in the woods, on the water...
9. I wear a size nine shoe.
10. I am a trusty Shellback (crossed the equator at sea).
1. Massive Daydreamer
2. Wants to help others
3. Family Person
4. Loves science
5. Loves technology
6. Likes learning anything new
7. "I have little to no confidence in myself." Stolen from above
8. Loves winter, hates summer (the heat)
9. Book reader, reads to many novels
10. Lost in Time
1. I'm in my 30's but live the lifestyle of someone a lot younger as often lack experiences many other people my own age have.
2. I'm in the UK.
3. I haven't met Mr Right yet ... still waiting and think I'll be waiting a long time lol.
4. I like to get creative
5. I have a rich imagination and "inner world"
6. I love deep and meaningful conversations.
7. I need lots of alone time
8. Real friendships in life make me happy.
9. I love dancing to music.
10. I would love a Chinese takeaway right now :p


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1. Plays the piano for at least an hour every day.
2. Probably has Sweden's largest collection of Korean movies and tv series.
3. Occasionally tries to compose music.
4. Will argue against people who share my opinion, if I think they have the wrong arguments.
5. Loves music in any form.
6. Enjoys solving difficult math problems.
7. Loves all kinds of food.
8. Very good at solving conflicts between people.
9. Strongly believes in nurture over nature.
10. Has an extremely positive worldview.
01. I have low self esteem and I always put others before me.
02. I sometimes think I am a slacker but looking at my life experience then may be there is a reason for my unmotivation.
03. I like cats.
04. I would like to have kids someday, I think!
05. I am tiered of being alone.
06. I am interested in technology
07. People have told me I am a good sincere person.
08. I am not big on reading books but I try.
09. I was born two months premature
10. I have been struggling with my university studies for about 6 years now.
1) If I were an animal, I'd be a fox
2) I'm half Irish. I hope to go there once in my life!
3) My favorite colour is gray.
4) I love dogs! Greyhounds and Great Danes are my faves,
5) I love to read, both graphic novels and regular novels.
6) I developed SAD around middle school (I'm a freshman in HS now) but I only recently discovered that it actually has a name.
7) I like to sing, but I can't in front of people.
8) I like to draw, but I'm not good enough to make a career out of it.
9) I LOVE American Sign Language
10) I think albinism is cool.
1. I love the technology.
2. I like reading about Physics.
3. I have a big passion for art.
4. I love females haha
5. Im always behind my computer
6. When i wake up in the morning i first go to my computer
7. I'm quiet
8. I worry too much about stupid things
9. I didnt cry since I was 13!
10. Theres a roach in my room now...


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1- Social Phobic
2- Addicted to FPS games ( and a Pro gamer lol ) :D
3- I hate Rock music ( <3 House/Trance) :cool:
4- When I hear a song I like, I can listen to it over and over without tiring of it.
5- I doubt I will ever have friends 'cause of my SA
6- I can do lot of things you can never imagine ( i just need a good comp)
7- I love to learn new things
8- I have never been to a concert
9- It’s easy to gain my trust, and it’s easy to lose it i always trust people even if don't know them ( makes me lot of problems )
10- I always type things wrong. I’m working on fixing that.