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  • Yeah, I understand... I've been thinking a bit too much abut my job situation these days and it drives me crazy. I am going to an art institute (sorta), it's not the best thing, but it's the only thing. There isn't too many of those institutes in my country, so I don't have many choices. I'm sorry to hear that you are unemployed too, I hope it won't be for too long and you'll find something :)

    And really? Daww... That makes me happy :D Thanks...You are a good friend too, and i'm glad I'm talking to you :) You're great! *hug*
    Same here, I don't like it when I have nothing to do, but at the same time I'm f*cking tired of school. Not because I don't want to study, but because I'm starting to think it's pointless and I'm tired of the people there. And classes start in August? I guess you are on vacations then... right? o:
    It's going well, but I keep procrasinating some work... How about you? Are you doing well with your studies?
    Good to hear, I'm glad you're okay :) And I'm not sure, since I don't do too much physical activity... I'm going to suppose it's for lack of activity then, or I'm just tense as hell (or both, lol)
    Yeah... for now :D Despite having massive muscular pains and not being able to move much i've been okay. I hope you too :)
    I bet he was! (and he still is) I've been a fan since their last album came out. I'll be sure to take tons of pics^_^
    A Tom fan here on the forum?!? lol He's amazing!!! I'm going to go see AVA next month and hopefully I meet him!<3
    School is going okay, i'm a bit delayed with some work, but it's nothing much. And then it's been a really crazy week (crazy like... literally). I can tell you more through PM if you want :)
    (i deleted the picture below because its not for public eye ew lol)

    i love family guy and the simpsons in fact i love all american tv shows, prison break, family guy, the simpsons, ugly betty, scrubs, how i met your mother i could go on forever lol

    wentworth miller is my dream (lol haa)
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