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  • Your private messages are switched off and I cannot send you one. Can you please change it?
    Okay.I dont know much about Spanish guitar but I have heard some before.It was nice.The guitar and the piano are my favourite instruments to listen to.

    Bands like Muse,Evanense use both these intruments to good effect.

    Do you have any favourite guitarists.
    Like all places its a mixture of good and bad things but its home.

    Are you a good guitar player.Its one of my favourite instruments to listen to.Im trying to learn guitar.
    My username is my name.Ransford.So were you born in the Netherlands but your family originates from Russia?

    My family came from the Carribean original but some of us were born in England.Im from England.
    so are you having a good day today? i read one of your post from a long time ago about how you cant control your face , i have that too lol, it sucks so bad! i feel soo vulnerable when that happens, like people can tell what im thinking
    *hugs* hang in there, pretty lady. I know what you're going through and everything is going to be okay.
    im doing... horrible... but thats not new... im afraid i have no social skills what so ever.. and im dont feel very social by time being. so just ask questions, if your wondering on something. (if you can, read my posts. they give you a fair sum-up)
    Ja, ik leerde voor plezier, omdat mijn Nederlands is niet perfect. Ik heb een vriend in Ugchelen. :-D
    Helloooo! It's really been forever since I've logged on here. I've been well, how about yourself?
    Oh, okay. Now I remember. lol. Crummy, means not doing or feeling good. I was doing crummy earlier but I'm doing a little better now.
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