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  • Yeah, pretty good. I have been taking a course in graphic design, but my drawing isn’t the best in the world so I have found it pretty challenging but I have managed to pull off a portfolio and I’ll be moving on to my next lot of subjects pretty soon. So what kind of interest s do you have?
    lol, I thought I would return the favour and leave my little dancing cow with you.:D
    Not much, things are going well at my end for the time being, how's everything in your neck of the woods? I have been here a lot less, but considering how much I was here before that's not saying a whole lot ::p: Whatever enchantment it once had over me is broken, I actually think about other things now ::p:
    Hello philly , oh first of everything fomr the other posts i ve just noticed that was ur bday was 3days ago =\ sorry i didnt know but anyways i wanna wish happy birthday and hope u passed it good and hope that they give u different presents for xmas and ur bday xD because usually when there are bday close to xmas they are smart asses xD lolz anyways about the Mariobros Mushrooms well i like to put fantasy in every thing i do and also in the food ^^ and btw its not a singular episode i like to do things like that i aslo made a dessert with mushroom (not mariobross tough) dessert ^^ when i load the pic ill upload it ^^ thanks for the add request hope u have a nice sleep idk where u r from but here its evening xD
    The symbol means "Wolf". In regards to your "Getting out of your own head" thread :) Eckart Tolle is about the best teacher/author/guide to read up on as I can think of. he has helped me a lot to find some inner peace.

    A New Earth - Class 5: The Past Has No Power - YouTube

    I recommend him to you highly. Hope you don't dislike Oprah :/ if so there are plently of other clips of him on you tube to watch.;)
    it was absolutely inspirational tbh XD so, when I get some coin, I will buy a copy -since I could only read a 5 page intro on Amazon.

    Happy New Year Philly!
    Yeah, I had to see my dreaded sister and her family at Christmas lunch :s
    What about you? did you have to see any family you did not want to, or do you get on well with your family members?
    Have you ever tried "Slut Brownies"? My sister made some and I thought of you ;)

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