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  • Hi Katie. I am new here. Seeing your picture, all you should have to do is stand at your open front door and the men will come in droves. :O)
    Hi, Katie. Thank you for accepting my friendship request. I'm giving this a try. I want to meet people who suffer from social phobia too.
    Hi,my name is Ransford.I thought just came to me.Your username would be a great band you have lots of problems with Agrophobia or have you gotten it more under control.
    Hey Katie :) How are you. I am so jealous of the mini horses! adorableness <3 them. I have to have some one day. I hear they keep them like dogs/house pets in England?
    yep it all started in 2008 when i abused ritalin. i'd do anything to go back and not do that! i'm not sure how i got it to go away in 2010 but i wish i could figure it out again. in january i couldn't sleep one night and was up for over 30 hours. that scared me so bad that it all came back and hasn't gone away since. i'm sorry that yours is back too but isn't it comforting to have a place like this where we can relate to so many people? i'd go insane if it wasn't for the internet. i hope you feel better soon. i appreciate your message so much because i was actually on the internet googling my symptoms (derealization mostly) just to find something to read that would make me feel better. your message put a smile on my face. :p
    Hey, haven't talked to you in a while. Just wanted to say hey! Nice to see your face again. (I haven't been here in a while either. I missed my friends!)
    Just looking down your list of comments. I think I see a theme of your beauty there lol. Well, they aren't lyin. Anyway, I guess I'm done here. Take care!
    I HAVE to know how you keep your wavy hair all sultry and perfectly controlled, whilst mine is just... a big, frizzy mane. Please, enlighten me! D:
    Hey just read one of your posts about your agoraphobia and thought it must be hard being so beautiful and not being able to share it with the world...(sorry if that sounds shallow). I feel as if my social anxiety is tough but at least if there's no ppl around I can go anywhere I want...Have u started any treatment or made any progress? All the best!! =)
    hey katie! doing very well over here. been busy semi-socializing :) there was a span i didn't see you around for a while and was wondering about you, too! glad to hear from you!
    YES! I LOVE that :D I need to get a hedgie soon. My entire fb will be flooded with pics of him lol
    hey thanks!! Nah of course I don't mind you asking me anything. You can ask me anything anytime. Well, my sons name is Vincent Alexander and my daughters name is Emma Nicole and I picked their names out lol. Thanks for stopping in my profile and dropping a line :)
    LMFAO @ I got to get some paper. I totally agree with you on that, I need to get some as well. But yeah I have been doing pretty good, its the time of year where I don't get out much so I have been and will be on here more for the foreseeable future, lol. This time of year (Fall and Winter) I am always on here a lot more than usual.
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