I want to know ten things about you.

Hey :D

Let's make a list about ourselfes :D
Dont be shy ;)

Here's mine :

1) Always try to help people. 2) A day-dreamer. 3) Very sensetive. 4) A huge passion for making music, singing and writing lyrics and poetry. 5) Bisexual.6) A skater girl, which loves skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding and surfing. 7) A family girl, can't live without my family.
8) A huge fantasy. 9) Someone who loves sunshine, sunny days please!. 10) very obsessive.

Now your turn!!!! :D


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1. Soon to be Physicist
2. Play guitar, bass, drums and keyboard
3. Very clumsy (the amount of bones I've broken is around 25, I've lost count)
4. Love the winter
5. Im slowly helping my singer start a record label
6. I am somewhat of a hippie
7. Love everything about nature
8. Been addicted to Astronomy since I was 5
9. Only child
10. hmmmm, I've never been stung by a bee


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10 things is quite a lot hehe so I can't really think of 10 things about me on the spot. If someone were to ask me 10 questions I could answer them, but I don't have a good enough imagination so I can't really think of 10 things significant about me lol sorry.
1) Chronic insomniac
2) Likes poetry and paintings
3) Learning to paint... sloooow progress (no innate talent)
4) Likes light exercises
5) Has strange problems and often stranger solutions
6) Loves dramatic lighting in movies
7) Dislikes leeches, fire, intense heat and excessive air conditioning
8) A contradiction in sooo many ways
9) A lot of repressed anger
10) Likes fish and chips, arabic, mediterranean and many other kinds of food


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10 things about me:

-Incredibly skilled at worrying.
-More sensitive than most.
-I find it hard to let go of past mistakes.
-I'm a perfectionist, which usually results in me being mediocre.
-I always feel for those on the fringes, outsiders, underdogs etc.
-I'm a daydreamer.
-I'm very naive.
-I have little to no confidence in myself.
-I am still waiting for 'good' things to come my way, even though experience tells me it will never come.
-I can think of ten things to write about me.::p:


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I'm a jack of all trades, master of none...
I am a handy man, and can fix almost anything
Can play the drums, piano.
I'm very generous and would give the shirt off my back
Very sensitive and I get hurt easily.
I've been obsessed over females since I was 5 years old...and never had a girl friend thanks to SA.
I've been unemployed for a full year.
I'm a full time student in college training to become a nurse.
I'm a Phi Theta Kappa member
I love the outdoors, wildlife, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking anything outdoors.


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1) I'm half Polish.
2) Major film buff, love watching foreign films, zombie films and disturbing films.
3) I've studied Special FX make up and hope to study more of it.
4) I love spicy food, always go for the hottest curry on an Indian take away.
5) I am *Nsyncs number one fan!!!!!
6) I got run over and dragged under by a car when i was 3 years old, ended up mashing up the side of my face, fracturing my shoulder bone and breaking my leg.
7) I watch way too much tv.
8) I love Pink, most of my wardrobe is pink.
9) Its my birthday in 15 days, i share my birthday with my granddad.
10) I'm slowly getting better and more confident by the day.


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Hmmm 10?

- I am a Christian, Saved when I was 17.
- I am married.
- I am pregnant with my 1st child.
- I graduated from college May 2009.
- I want to live in the house I currently live in for the rest of my life....just cause I like it that much, lol.
- I have two dogs, Labradors named Belle and Penny.
- I am the oldest of 5 kids, I am 13 yrs older than my yougest brother and sister.
- I don't have SA exactly I don't think, I stutter which makes me avoid certain people or nervous around certain people.
- I'd like to be a dog groomer someday.
- I love to bake.

:) I'm surprised I thought of 10!


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nice to animals , nice to people , always up for a laugh , can drive you nuts if iv had a few beers , likes the outdoors , gets deppresed sometimes if im drunk , normaly quite a happy person , like to change the world to make it a safer place for the whole human race , like traveling , bit uneducated ...


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1.Really wished I found this site years ago.
2.Hopes to change beauty myths with my art.
3.Hates gender stereotypes.
4.Used to be vegan but hair fell out.
5.Loves birds and cats.
6.Owe alot of my sanity to CODA.
7.Wishes to have the courage to move away by myself.
8.Looooves animation.
9.Likes to teach children how to draw.
10. Likes faeries.


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1. I hate the media
2. I like viewing the world
3. I work in the public service sector
4. Mountains rule
5. Very obsessive about the time
6. I Hate hypochondriacs
7. Religon is imorral
8. I have big trust issue with people and never seem to be able to let them in my life.
9. Have no confidence about myself especially looking in the mirror
10. Need friends
huge passion for languages
love writitng
love joking around
love psychology
have two dogs
very attachted to my family
very low self esteem, doubt myself and my worths..
have a sweet tooth
i think im a good person

prolly more or less...:p


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1. I'm an atheist
2. love evolutionary biology
3. want to do an ironman someday
4. pretty ok dad
5. have major metal health issues outstanding
6. loved sports more than life as a kid
7. have 5 4-week-old kittens sleeping on the couch next to me right now
8. love the view of SF from the Golden Gate bridge
9. was in the movie "the godfather"
10. wish i could go back in time and fix my SA


Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!
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- I have two dogs, Labradors named Belle and Penny.
Labs are awesome. I was just out spending some quality time with Heather in the truck.
2. love evolutionary biology
Do you have a favorite Cambrian animal? Mine is opabinia. :D

1. I love history / unsolved mysteries / conspiracy theories
2. I love Europe
3. I'm vegan
4. I adore animals
5. I'm straighedge (no drugs or alcohol or smoking)
6. I'm 6'5'' / 1.96 m
7. I really hate this country (so much), the United States of America
8. I really hate religion / I'm an atheist
9. Electronic / House / Trance music is my favorite
10. I'm an anarchist (by heart) and dislike laws and rules
11. I'm a poet

Yes, I did 11.
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1) I love being creative (drawing, painting, photography, music)
2) My dream is to run the london marathon, skydive, climb a mountain - to be able to do all these extreme sports to raise money for charity.
3) I am an Auntie to a beautiful 6 year old neice, and a gorgeous 2 year old nephew.
4) I love Nature.
5) I'm interested in astronomy.
6) I love animals!
7) My favourite colour is red.
8) I am a vegetarian.
9) I like learning about psychology, 5 years of CBT has come in handy lol!
10) I have a new passion for aromatherapy.
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1. Loves animals more than people
2. My dream is to one day live by the beach
3. I draw cartoons
4. I was born 3 months early
5. I think like a dude
6. I'm very indecisive
7. I have a sick sense of humor
8. I like anime and japanese fashion
9. My favorite food is sushi
10. I'm not a good liar

Silvox Black

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10 Facts about Silvox Black

1. Enjoys high fantasy of any kind. (Twilight does NOT count.)

2. Listens to heavy/death/power metal.

3. Is a Furry.

4. Has an obsession with dragons.

5. Is planning to become a clinical psychologist in the future.

6. Can be considered dark, twisted, or sometimes insane.

7. Has no love for his family.

8. Believes he has no valid right to say he has suffered.

9. Is cold and sarcastic to strangers and enemies.

10. Hides behind a mask of bitterness in real life.

Uber Schnitzel

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1) I love playing the guitar
2) I'm 25
3) I'm a vegeterian (have been since I was 13)
4) I have a gorgeous girlfriend who makes me smile just thinking about her
5) I love drawing
6) I trained to be an engineer
7) I have palmer/plantar hyperhidrisis which while not life-threatening is still a pretty crappy condition to live with
8) I was born in England but have lived in Scotland most my life (still have an accent mind)
9) I never thought It'd be this hard to come up with ten interesting things to say
10) I'm Batman


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1. I like art
2. I love rock and amoung my favourite artists are Iron Maiden, Queen, Kiss, Metallica and Kansas.
3. I have Asperger's syndrome (a double-edged sword)
4. I have a dark sense of humour
5. I hate shaving, so i usually sport stubble or a short beard
6. I enjoy weight training
7. I have a dog and four cats
8. My car is a Ford Escort
9. I study economics
10. I work at a cafeteria