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  • so, what happened after summer school mate? never had the chance to hear the rest of the story, obv joking, but it;s been kinda weird checking all past messages from years ago.
    Hey! Nice to see your message!
    Wow that sure was a long time away :)
    I understand the need to stay away from everyone and work on oneself. I do that too, sometimes. I hope you're well?
    I've been doing mehhh up and down. I hope I can get better at living!
    Yeah, I think they're gonna end up making it for the Vita instead. I wouldn't be too happy about that because I don't own one...

    And I know, they should stop. I'm pretty sure it's everyone's least favorite FF, too.
    But wasn't it released for the PSP?

    I just read that they're announcing another FFXIII game in September... -_-
    Same here.

    I wonder if Square Enix will say anything regarding Type-0's western release at TGS. I don't know that much Japanese to import it. D:
    To be honest, you didn't miss much. This year's E3 was terrible compared to the last one.
    I watched E3 2012 live, so...

    After that, there were tons of games added to my list. xD
    Did you read my mind, or something? I'm looking forward to those too. :D Besides those, I can't wait for Watch Dogs and Beyond: Two Souls.

    I don't know why the new Metal Gear game is getting so much hate. Everyone loved Raiden in MGS4, and now they're complaining when he gets his own game.
    Yeah, I saw that.

    I'm trying to forget about Versus, though, so I get surprised when it finally comes out. But I doubt that'll happen any time soon.
    Don't even waste your time on XIII, unless you like bland stories and linearity.

    X-2, to me, was a bit of a joke game. xD And you're absolutely right about XII. The only thing I liked about it was the battle system.

    Did you hear all the rumors about Versus XIII being cancelled?
    well i know what gundam is. i just dont remember ever watching it. it didnt look like my kind of thing. not really the type of anime i like.
    Oh yeah I keep forgetting that english words don´t mean exactly what I want them to mean. By surfaces I meant conformity or uniformity :)
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