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  • Hi Emma, I'm doing quite good thnx, how about u? I recognized u, we have talked before on spw, did we? u have been away for a long time, how's ur sa? do u feel better? mostly when people leave spw, sometimes they'll come back and tell succesful stories, that's always a great thing to see =) how have u been? well.. talk to you later

    Hey, thanks for the friend request :) I don't check this forum regularly anymore, but sometimes I still come back and take a look around.
    aye, i was thinking about how to reply to your thread. the best answer was "try to keep your head up" :)
    its easy for me to say that though, but i hope your keeping well :)
    Hey, thanks for the friend request. It's nice to meet you and I hope we'll be able to help on another with our problems.
    Hey there,

    thank you for the add :) How are you doing?
    I saw your thread .. I can really relate to u
    Hope you're doing Ok...

    Have a lovely day

    Ah, sorry, this is a super late reply. No, I wasn't joking. Your wall thing at the time was full with flirtatious comments. Sorry for being rude.
    Hello new friend! Thanks for the request and whatnot, it never fails makes me happy. :)
    Anyway, hope everything is good with you!
    yep i hear ya. Im trying to become less selfish and embrace others to the fullest. Strong believer in karma
    Thanks for the friend ad. A bit belated, I know. Doing that is a bit quaint, but it seems to be custom on this site.
    sweet lord, I didn't think it was possible to get hit on this much over the internet. Whatever works.
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