How are you feeling?


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Eesh that is rough. I'd be pissed off if I had to go through that many meetings too. Not sure if that's the reasoning for your being pissed, but I wouldn't doubt it. I often find much of my anger stems from my anxiety. The more anxiety-inducing the situation, the more drained and irritable I become.
You are absolutely right. My company is meeting oriented anyway but this whole COVID-19, social distancing thing has made it even worse. Even so, yesterday was an exception. That many meetings was over the top, I barely had a half hour to grab lunch. I'm sure that contributed to my feeling pissed off at receiving bad news at the very end of the day on top of all the meetings. Today was a better day (only two meetings) and I'm back to normal...whatever normal is for someone who suffers from social anxiety, OCD and bouts of depression.


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I think I feel like I usually do, but I'm eating like there's a hole in my soul that can only be filled by carbs and cookies.
God do I feel that in my heart and soul. :LOL: That has been me this whole year. I managed to gain about 10 lbs during this whole quarantine/unemployment and definitely explains why a couple pairs of jeans no longer fit. (I wanted to think I accidentally shrunk them in the dryer. Part of me still believes that. ;)) I need to get back to my smoothies, fresh fruit and veggies, and greens. I don't think I've eaten this much junk in the last few years as I have this year. I eat better the busier I am, believe it or not.
Just waiting for this day to come, ultimately... :cry:

Maybe it'll happen this Christmas? Because I am fuckin' sick tae tha back teeth with having to just tolerate it, as my older sister treats me and our mother like shit. :mad: And I tired of having to hear my mother make the same excuse: "Aww... she does'nae mean it!" Then I get the fuckin' silent treatment for daring question why she does it.
I'm sorry you're feeling low, Graeme.
Thanks, I guess... Sorry I'm still feeling kinda shitty.

Your sister seems to be a real problem for your family. :confused:
She is, but she doesn't see that she's a problem. The snide remarks. The arrogant attitude, which makes her unlike. Or a few days ago, when my sister literally lost it when our mother told her the oldest of her 2 grandchildren to her home. After my sister said the exact same thing. Normal, right? Not to my sister. How she's managed to maintain the friends she had since her school days baffles me, give how she treats me and our mum. :confused:

Can't confront her though, because she just loses it. Shouting, swearing, asking the same question over n' over. :mad:

But I'm the arsehole? :rolleyes:
Ah think that mental breakdown o' mine might just occur at Christmas after all. :mad: At least, I'm bloody hoping it does...

Because, apparently, me calling my own mother a "neurotic... eejit *" - after she made a fuss and insisted that I move a CD/DVD spindle lid from laying on top of a 6-way plug socket extension "in case it caught fire" - wasn't "very nice". Don't ask - I don't know, either. The spindle, I mean...

(* and that wasn't the word I wanted to use).

Feel free to have laugh at my expense. I mean, my mother did when I asked her how piece of hard plastic could catch fire just by sitting on top of some plugs. Don't worry, I'm well used to it by now, being the youngest of my immediate family.


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In the last four years, I don't think I've ever enjoyed time off work.

Normally, when you have a week away from the office (or your kitchen table atm) you feel excited and have plans in-store or things to do. I've had trepidation and anxiety, worrying about how the week will unfold taking my wife out and now, my children into social gatherings (playcentres, restaurants) all tied into my driving anxiety that envelops me.

This week is supposed to be a happy week with birthdays galore, yet I'm crippled by the thought of going out and doing things to celebrate those occasions than actually doing them. I just don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. In some ways or another, I fear this anxiety will directly, or indirectly, finish me off.


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I fear this anxiety will directly, or indirectly, finish me off.
I've been feeling this lately too. A slow burn of anxiety into a realm of madness. I actually feel like I'm on the verge of going completely insane some of these days. Definitely depressed. Have gotten joy out of little these past few months and especially this month. It's atrocious. You're not alone.

Feeling good enough to post here atm though. :)

Is the driving, albeit stressful, improving at least?
As I was yesterday and the day before that. Except more pissed after my oldest sister relayed to me an argument she'd had with her younger sister in which my name was brought up.

So, our mother has an issue with her eyes and recent got drops for it. Anyway, when oldest asked the younger one if she'd put the drops in for our mum, she responded by asking: "Why would ah do that? Cun Graeme no dae it?" :mad:

There's that "He's feck all anyway" logic again. Which is ironic. Anyway...

I'd saying I'm starting to notice a recurring theme when it comes to family responsibility, but I've been the one tasked with looking after our mother since ah wus around 15, 16 years old. Though, that could be down to me actually being genuinely concerned for her well-being due her asthma and her getting older.