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  • Don't worry about the late reply.

    My dog's a Boston Terrier. He was 8 weeks old when I got him, now he's 5 months. He's a handful, but he's smart and very entertaining. :D

    I hear ya about socializing. Every time I put myself out there I end up regretting it.

    I'm sorry that happened. :(
    OMG WHAT IS THAT? hahahahaa (srry but FOAM.exe has stopped working for two months...lot of sh** has happened) How are you Fountain? BTW i'm watching "The mayans"!
    It's called Suburban Sasquatch, I saw it on Red Letter Media. Those guys review old bad movies like that, LOL. I'm sorry things have been rough, I can relate, ha ha. I still have to catch the last episode of Mayans, I missed it and keep forgetting to catch up. :D
    Hi.Sorry about my slow response.I imagine tourism certainly creates jobs in your country and helps the local economy.Which parts of your city do you think are the most beautiful? I have seen pics of Madrid and there are some beautiful buildings.
    Hi FOAM, nice to see you. :D


    No need to apologize, I haven't been around as much lately, either. It's been a crappy year.

    I am looking forward to the new Halloween movie being released soon, though. Reviewers are saying it's the best installment since the original.

    I plan to see it at the theater, which is something I haven't done in years. :D

    Hi.I have wandered before what is it like living in a country that gets lots of tourists due to it having great weather etc.Whats it like?
    Hell yeah, I saw Critters in the theater when I was a kid. Great movie, ha ha.


    Ghoulies kind of fell in line with that "little monster" wave in the eighties. :D
    No, it's definitely not a premonition. I was probably in "scan-mode" (not to be confused with SCANNERS mode) and combined with a lack of sleep, misread something you posted.

    Losing someone you care about is an amputation, plain and simple.

    Your thoughts on audio-books for your mom reminds me of a story Krist Novoselic from Nirvana told about Kurt Cobain, and how he still looks for left-handed guitars for Kurt in pawn shops, even 25 years after his death.

    I'm sorry about your mom. Hearts can't forget, and good thing, too; if nothing else, that's a kind of immortality.
    Man, I'm scaring myself, lol.

    That's what 3 hours of sleep gets you, I guess.

    No, we weren't close, I actually hadn't seen him in years. The other one is recovering fine, he's still in the hospital but he's on the mend.
    I'm sorry to hear you lost someone, FOAM.

    I lost an uncle last week and another one had a heart attack this week. It's been unnerving, to say the least.
    It's been so long since I've seen it, I can't honestly say, ha ha.

    I'll tell you this, The 9 year-old me thought the monsters looked cool.
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