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  • Hey, no problem! I'm doing good, hope you are well too :) I haven't been on here in ages. I need to log on more, haha.
    Hi.I think Meerkats a gorgeous creatures and I have seen them recently in a zoo.There habitat seemed close to their natural one and they had lots of space.I enjoyed watching them.

    Are there any animals,birds etc that really interest you.I like reading about them and watching wildlife shows.I actually went to a city zoo a few days ago and saw some gorgeous birds.Zebra Finches,Canaries,Chinese painted Quail.If you look online then you can see pics of them.They were beautiful small creatures and I loved watching them.There were rabbits,Geece,Gerbils and other creatures there too.

    What are some of your favourite rides.
    Hi.I had a quick look online at the Busch Gardens.It looks like a fun place to visit and it appealed to me as an animal fan.I probably would spend more time looking at the plants and animals,than be thrown around on the rides.Heehe.I have only ever been on a couple of rides,but they were okay since they were not too extreme.

    Some of the rides really are spectacular with loops,water,high speed turns etc.

    What did you enjoy at Busch gardens and how long did you stay.

    Over here we have some quite big theme parks like Alton Towers,Chesington World of Adventures,Draton Manor.I thing they were probably influenced by the US parks.Have a look online if you are curious,they have websites.
    Hey! How are you? Thanks, I love Finding Nemo, that's one of my favorites! Yeah can't wait to see the second one either :)
    Hey! Its all good. Reply when you can. I understand about not seeing the mail. It is hard for me and I use the website. lol I used to have sunflowers in my garden but its not the right time for them now. What do you grow?
    Appoligizes for not responding earlier.For some reason I did not see your message on my page.I use my cell phone and it has a small screen.Thanks for the reply.

    I have been covering my plants in preparation for winter.Gardening is one of my passions.What plants do you have in the garden.The climate in Florida probably suits alot of plants.
    Hi.Its early winter here in England and its gets pretty cold.Im guessing thats not the case in Florida.Whats the coldiest it gets in Florida.
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