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  • Hi molly doctors are confident. My strength is back, learning to wri te again, and pkay guitar. I have lived a lifetime the last 10 days.
    Hi molly, I will be going home on Thursday I am very keen my sister will help me. Thanks for your kind ness once again
    Eastern NC barbecue is mostly vinegar based with its sauce, it's chopped up pretty-fine and it's freakin' fantastic. There's two main restaurants here in my city that serve it, Bill's and Parker's. Most people are either a Bill's person or a Parker's person, though I can't tell much of a difference and have always floated between the two joints.

    Western NC barbecue has a tomato base sauce and honestly, I've never even tried it, ha ha.

    I forgot all about those old Slim Jim commercials, lol.

    I'd mail you some barbecue but I doubt that would go too well. :D
    Do I remember that scene from Beyond a Lighted Stage, is that where Alex is sitting at the dinner table, where he mocks the idea of making money from being in a band, and say he doesn't plan to go to uni? If so, then yeah I remember that scene. Mainly for the hilarious exchange between Alex and his dad. Where one's being single-minded in his determination and the other is being more realistic about the possibility of things not going well.

    I don't know if my image of Rush, as fan, has been ruined by the revelation that they, like Metallica, never publicised their partying and substance abuse. Since I can't actually image them ever doing drugs - given how geeky they tend to be - from a songwriting stand-point, both in terms of music and lyrics. As well as their sense of humour. :bigsmile:
    Hiya :greeting:

    Sorry if I'm late in responding to your message.

    Eh, no, I haven't seen that new Rush documentary. Heard of it, though.

    So Rush, themselves, admit to partying and drug abuse? That is quite surprising, since they always had this clean, nerdy image for lack of better word. Also, I don't recall drugs or partying even being mentioned in Beyond the Lighted Stage documentary? Pretty sure there's a segment in that documentary where Gene Simmons wondered what they got up after a show, since they did tour with Kiss at some point in their career.

    And I think Rush would sound far more mental musically if they did write some of their songs while on speed. I mean, I struggle as it is to play the intro for Xanadu, sober. :giggle:
    Yes they where humpbacks. Just incredible. My whale watch trip was one of the most fun things I have done for so long. Hope you get to go on a whale watch, and maybe see dolphins at the same time, that'd be wonderful. A dramatic video, thanks for sharing. Wouldn't want to mess with a humpback, they weight 40 tonnes. Good luck with the move, being near the ocean is such a peaceful place to be.
    I usually forget simple words instead of things like that. And also names of people and places. Quite annoying. :p
    That's a wonderful description. Yeah, the gif would be from a japanese anime, I love how they do the steam! The ghosty food shops in Spirited Away are my favourite scenes.

    Hope you have a great day for that day which I think is about now ;)


    Also, sleepin' flat on ma back hasn't exactly been comfy. What with me being more use to sleeping on my side.
    Though, slightly funnier was the delayed reaction of my consult surgeon when she came into my room to draw on my legs when all incisions were going to be. I'd already had the gown on and just a bare of boxers. She lifts my gown, takes one look at my checked tartan boxer shorts, smilies and says...

    "Can't say I'm too surprised that you'd be wearing those today. A very apt" [IMG]

    But anyway, I'm feel a lot better, aside from the itchy casts on my legs and huvin' take a slash in a plastic bottle. And huvin' a massive knee brace on my right knee, I've been managing to hop about on my zimmer frame a bit weight bearing on ma left leg and get on and off the couch to the commode nae bother.

    Still trying to convince ma mum that everythin' will be awrite. And not to worry so much, we'll manage as long as the rest of the family, bar my sister in Ireland, chip in to help me. And we use common sense. :bigsmile:
    Sadly, ah didnae huv much time to relax, watched a few movies and got the ice cream as you rightly said, though. But mostly ah just listened to my iPod with my noise cancelling headphones cuz the ward ah wus on absolutely mental. Ma respect for health care workers has went up ten fold.

    And, as y'know probably know from reading ma recent threads, ma mum fainted whilist ah wus getting prepared for surgery. In the room I was in like, which was pretty funny. Cuz she just went: "Ah feel dizzy" Stood up and just collapsed onto the bed that ah'd be gettin' taken down to surgery on. :bigsmile: Or actually what ah said to kinda break the tension and worry was... "Eh, ye do realise that am tha yin gittin' tha surgery the day, aye? No you..." :giggle:
    But ah digress... Am feeling a lot more positive since leaving hospital. Ah don't know if that due to the recovery ahead being a slow but worthwhile year? Or just ma family treated me a wee bit better? Or the hospital staff where ah got ma operation being the such lovely folk.

    The surgery went well, the consultant surgeon and her surgical team were awesome. Friendly and a great laugh. She'd even got a surgeon to come all the way from Edinburgh to Dumfries to help out with the operation and make sure everything went well. This Irish fella who I only recalled vaguely cuz he was a consult on my previous operation I had when I was 14.

    A few of the female nurses who looked after me following the surgery weren't bad lookin' either. [IMG]
    Hiya :greeting:

    Tried to reply to ye last night but between my broadband and touch-screen keyboard, ah hud nae luck.

    Anyway... Firstly, sorry yer feelin' down at the moment, Molly. Ah hope that feelin' passes. And it's sweet of you to think of me. Sorry, ah huv'nae kept everybuddy here as up to date with my surgery and how it's been going since.

    Ah don't know whether or not to do a post in my thread about my hospital stay? Cuz I did mention it briefly. But never went intae detail about it. Though, it was quite an experience. Hilariously funny, surreal and terrifying.
    It's not that I don't want to tell, I just don't want to come across as a boring Scottish gobshite nor want youse tae be going "That's hellish, son. Ah couldnae pit up with aw that". Basically ah don't want pity for what ah went through. Cuz it took guts to even commit to 3 hours worth of multiple surgeries all done at once.
    Hi Molly, a little bit better thanks, looking forward to my extended leave, and then I might sleep for a few weeks. And thanks btw, my showcase on Leanne Coles photography blog? How are you going, hope things are good for you?
    I take your mum was a crazy as mine, always thinking the worst in nearly every situation? Never letting ya experience something without put the fear of God in ye?

    Anyway, I digress... Aye, there will be plenty of post-op time to relax - ironic speaking. Since ah'll be a lotta pain after the op.

    I'm going ask for my own room, since being on a ward - which I initially agreed to - will'nae give me much privacy. On the plus side, the wummin I've been consulting with regarding the surgery will also be assisting with it, and wants me in early to get the op done as soon as. Since they'll have a lot to do, it could be up 3 hours in total.

    And I doubt I'll flung out the hospital to fend for myself afterwords. :bigsmile:

    Oh, and cheers for the movie recommendations. :) I've never actually seen Master and Commander - well, not from start to finish. Seen Rocky but haven't watch that film in awhile. If there's any others you can suggest afore the New Year, just let me know... :thumbup:
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