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  • HA. A girl can dream:) hehe:)

    And of course, it would not be a perfect fantasy without a lifetime supply of chocolate.
    Hi.I noticed that song writing and writting were two interests of yours.I write poetry myself and I enjoy it.What do you like best about writting.
    Hiya Girlie-So glad you liked it, and so glad to see you here again-missed ya! I thought that movie had one good line in it that made the whole thing for me. :) The part about how you have to reach such true lows to really experience true highs of happiness. That made me think..
    Hullo there, Feathers!

    Oh, aye! Ah huv, indeed, started ma own thread. It was another user that gave me the idea. Was slightly worried about it, though. Y'know, what should ah talk about, what will they say? Aw, Gawd! Am I gonnae make a complete fool o' masel' :omg: Not sure what to talk about, beyond stuff that actually happened to me in ma life? :question:

    Got quite a few humourous stories from ma school days (like me being bullying to ma fellow classmates being hilariously disruptive during lessons). Plus writin' in ma native Scottish dialect does make me standout on here, and means there's never a dull moment, huh?

    Thanks for yet another "Ah love the Scottish accent!" compliment. Never get tired o' hearin' them. :shyness: Despite wonderin' why ye love it so much? Aye, it's unique & guaranteed to make ye laugh without tryin'. But it's just how ah talk, it stops being unique when ye hear it everyday. Or perhaps that's just ma take on it? :idontknow:
    Hahaha...I wish I were! Right now I'm unemployed. But, film is something that I want to pursue. It marries a lot of my talents. Although, my lack of social skills is what is preventing me from moving forward. But, I will somehow make it anyway.
    Looked at your bio. Are you doing any freelance writing. That sounds like a lot of fun if you can find the work. I'm in Los Angeles but Europe is really nice too. I haven't been there in ages.
    it's almost been 2 years since we last had a word. funny how time soars? just a routine checkup, hope it goes well!
    HI! How are you, dear? Was so nice to get all of your picture comments. :) Thank you and Yes, I do feel lucky to be surrounded by such beauty. Is not where you live a very pretty place? Do take care and don't be a stranger *Hugs*
    Well, I've tried all sorts of things (including nutrition), sometimes they work and sometimes not long enough. Unfortunately, I have problems walking as my knees and ankles (even with my meds that help a lot, including being able to get out of bed without help) are effected by my RA, but I do as much as I can. Yes, I live in London and do go outside (well I push myself to anyway). Thank you for your message :)
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