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  • Ah, sorry to hear you're stressed out and stuff, but adopting a new puppy must be nice, even if it is a lot of work! Make sure you take some time to recover and stuff.

    All the pics are on my phone so I need to transfer them to the computer. I'll try to do that now. :)
    Hey Marie. Missed you, too. Thought of you a few times on my trip, hoping you're doing well. :) How've you been?
    Hey Marie! Ooh, very b-belated HAPPY birthday!! May the new year ahead be SUPER for you overall!
    As for me, been allrightish, I guess... some ups and downs, such is life... :)
    Sounds like a wonderful day planned. :) The three days off after that sound even better, though, and I hope you get to rest and recover, since you seem to be working a lot. No matter what, though, I hope your birthday is a great one! :thumbup:
    You're welcome, Marie. Anything planned for the day? Apart from taking your very first project photo? :)
    Hey, Marie! So I hear you're turning 30 on Sunday, which is now already is in Australia.

    Just in case I forget, I just want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday, and that I hope you celebrate your milestone in fashion...or in any way you see fit. You're a great person and I have a strong feeling that your 30's are going to bring you more joy than despair.

    I baked you a cake but I ate it.

    Happy birthday again! :brindis:
    Yea I really hope so! I'll drink to that :brindis: I just reminded myself that I have a cocktail waiting for me in the fridge!
    Heya Marie, thanks very much for accepting my befriend request, hows it going with the Yoga, are you doing any detoxing or anything for the new year? I've still not smoked but having a tough time today, I am starting to see a correlation between lots of sugar consumption and extreme low mood! Makes those pop up depressed cake shops look a bit silly. Anyway hope your doing good! :)
    Quickly scanned one of your posts and got a funny mis-translation. "Just bought a year's worth of high-quality fleas and they're going to dance." :eek:

    I do stuff like that all the time. Billboards are a riot! :giggle:
    How it ended up is, the other guy didn't get an invite!!! Was going to ask her again, but I heard her say in another context that she wouldn't go now because of all the budget cuts and redundancies planned at that office, it wouldn't look great if she turned up as someone who shouldn't have been officially invited. So at least I wont lie awake next friday night wondering if they slept together, although nothing else is stopping them. Cheers.
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