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  • Yeah, I never go on places like Reddit. I haven't even been on Tumblr at all lately (except to block the occasional porn blogs that follow me). I went through that post so many times to make sure I wasn't coming off as too aggressive lol. Normally I try to avoid debating on too many topics (especially ones that seem to never end), but sometimes I can't help myself.
    I've always been surprised by that too, but I can understand why. Societal pressure, uncertainty, it's hard trying to pick an "all-time career" at an age where you don't even know how to live on your own hardly. (or at least most younger students)

    Honestly, if I could start the whole college thing over again I would. Not to change my field of study, but my approach to it.
    I don't take part in any culture, per se. I'm just constantly around it and it annoys me.

    I know what you mean about not understanding people even a few years younger. I'm like that too. I have absolutely nothing in common with a lot of the people in my classes. I find myself talking to the oldest students more often when I actually do manage to talk to people. There's a woman in her 50s that sits behind me in one of my classes that likes to talk to me, and I like talking to her.

    I may be younger than you, but we're still old souls. :p
    I have been to 3 different colleges and overall have been in college for nearly 5 years and I have yet to find a way to enjoy it. It's the culture I hate, certainly not my field of study.
    Oh man, that's awesome. It'll be almost 7 years for me once I finally graduate. :eek:mg: And I'm still trying to get my bachelor's! I'd finish a whole lot sooner if I didn't have to be part-time and they actually held all the courses I needed every semester.

    I've been good. Just started a new job working in a deli. It's kept me pretty busy.
    For a variety of reasons, yeah. I liked the strategic element, but trying to play smart in a small MOBA is like trying to play chess in a hurricane. There have been some major gameplay changes since I was last there, too, so I'd have to relearn a lot of things if I wanted to return to my old playstyle.
    I can see that happening. I used to bring a few online friends to help weight the team towards cooperation in LoL, but otherwise it's been a mess.
    That sounds nothing like the only MOBA I'm familiar with, League of Legends. The humans there are often like if AIs were programmed to be stubborn children. Glad to hear you've found one of the more laid-back ones, though.

    I prefer spaceships to tanks, personally.
    That's a lot of strategy. The last RTS I got into was Warcraft III. It's been ages...

    I'm not an MMO fan, either, but I haven't tried World of Tanks. What's different about it compared to, say, WoW?
    Roguelites, though I recall playing an ASCII one when I was very young. I picked up Azure Dreams when I was around 10 years old and was hooked, even though it's a pretty easy title. Crypt of the Necrodancer is a rhythm hybrid that's been brutalizing me.

    What kind of games do you play?
    hey, I wouldn't have known that. Yeah I was just trying to think up a random name that I'd not used anywhere else and Marshmallow just came into my head for some reason lol.
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