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  • Hey ImNotMyIllness, it's a pleasure :) thank you.

    I hope you are well.
    Thanks! It was a pretty good week until I started a new medicine and it turned me into a moody monster! Haha but I'm off it now and doing much better so all is well again :) Hope your week was good too! :)
    Hey! My february has been okay so far. Lots of homework and projects, a little bit of stress, but any of these things are unexpected when you are in the end of a semester at university. haha.

    In general, things are going well. I still struggle with my SP, and I'm trying not to feel so alone and down, but it's a daily effort, I know I can't find an immediate solution (unfortunately). I have gotten some good results some days, but in most of them I still feel lonely and rejected. Anyway, I know that I will feel better after some time, with few improvements here and there. It's life.

    How about you? How's everything?
    You might be able to get them fixed. I had knee issues for twenty years, finally saw a good physio and the rest is history
    Thank you. Running is a great hobby, quite cheap, and anyone can do it. Do you run?
    How do you know it's college I applied for? I used to find help once but let's say it didn't turn out so well.
    Well hello ImNotMyIllness. I'm just your average plain jane trying to survive in this world. I tried working but my anxiety is just too much for me. So right now I'm currently waiting for school.
    I live in Massachusetts. So far every job I've applied for requires a license and I dont drive. Im hoping to start working with autistic children.
    Arr bless ya thanks buddy :) yea I thought it was time to stick a pic on there to prove I'm a proper person, bit small and fuzzy but yup that's me whittling away my savings in the carib a couple yrs back!
    Hi, there :) You wrote on my page a while ago and I haven't properly thanked you yet. See, you told me to just get my writing together and that no matter what happens, I should be proud of that accomplishment. I cannot tell you how much that meant to me, hehe. That was exactly what I needed to hear, and I have often referred back to your message when I felt discouraged or embarrassed about my writing. Along with the support of my friends and family (and let's not forget my therapist :p), your comment has helped push me through and helped me to focus on my scary goals. So, I now consider you a friend as well :) and thank you very, very much for your thoughtful and beautiful comment! :D best of luck to you
    Hello. I have OCD, Social Anxiety and Depression as well. Maybe we can chat about how life is living with these illnesses and maybe we can help eachother. :)
    I'm not sure if my college has support groups, I doubt it. I was once in a group for anxiety/stress which was nice.
    Me too! I love to walk in the sand, to watch the sea and swim.
    And Santa Monica is so beautiful! I've been there twice, and I fell in love with it.
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