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  • Sure. Just life, or should I say the lack of it. I think it's beginning to wear me down to the point where I'm beginning to crack. Hope things turn around. One foot in front of the other. That's all I can do. Hope that's enough to get me somewhere better, soon.
    No. Just trying to keep my ahead above water until some luck comes my way. I mean, something good has to happen eventually. Today, I really felt like I was coming unhinged. I haven't felt this way in months. Luckily, I pulled out of it. But, if something doesn't improve in my life, then another depression is certain.
    I'm not really doing well now though, maybe we can pm each other on here instead of instant messaging since you are not on here a lot or just visitor message. Why? Btw how are you doing?
    Thanks for the video. I can't wait to watch! I allow myself to enjoy a nice meal once in a while. The main focus of my diet is getting at least three servings of fruits a day and another three servings of vegetables. I also keep away from snacks (chips, cookies etc) and fast food. It's sensible and moderate. Something that I can stick to.
    Last night I decided to splurge with Easter dinner. We had was soo juicy and tender. I ate a lot with mash potatoes, green beans and biscuits. So yummy. Guilt has never tasted so good. lol
    I knew that happened any way don't worry. Not heard of that one, though apprently it is an adaptation of a UK drama (and I don't usually like those, though it was BBC and not ITV which is a good sign) but of the other hand I do like Kevin Spacey. I'm watching Oz at the moment (propper 90s), enjoying a lot more than I thought I would.
    OOOO.....Wings. Yummy! I've been eating very healthy for a change. Overall, I'm doing pretty good. Better eating habits and exercise has helped a lot with my state of mind. I'm a lot more positive lately.
    I did quite enjoy that, need to see season five, I've already spoilered myself now, trying to resist downloading it.

    I'm liking this new avatar.
    I loved the last episode, waiting on season 5. With Mad Men you can still re-watch it. There are some things I've really enjoyed but don't want torewatch because the suspence is gone. Watching Oz at the moment but don't especially like it :(
    Never spoiler yourself! I did that by accident with breaking bad season 4, not good. The again Mad Men is more about how they tell it than crazy plot twists.

    He is a bit like Pingu now you mention it. Used to love Pingu :) I rather liked being creeped out as a kid, loved the moomins (still do) for that reason.
    lets wait til next week. if not then we will write again lol. I sent mine off like week 1/2 ago
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