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  • hey man how're you? I suffer from HH and anxiety too. I'm 21 and from the UK and I'm yet to come across someone of similar age. Anyway just thought I'd say hello!
    Okay.If you want to private message answers then feel free.
    I usually private message on the site but I dont mind using visitor messaging.

    Does having a science background affect how you handle your anxiety and related issue.

    I find that Im someone with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn new things.That in some ways helps me to find solutions to my anxiety.

    Knowledge is power.The more I know about the condition,peoples personalities etc the better I am at managing my anxiety and other issues.It is still a struggle though at times but it has gotten easier in some ways.
    In the wrong place in or on the body even less virulent bacteria can cause problems.I know bacteria form colonies in the gut that prevent more virulent bacteria from moving in.

    Do you know much about micro organisms in the sea.
    Hi.Yeast for example is interesting.I use it in pizza reguraly.Its facinating how humans use microbes like yeast in food,drink,medicine etc.

    Do you have favourite helpful micobes.
    Hi.Bacteria and viruses are interesting.The way viruses take over a cell and cause it to produce copies of the viruses is interesting.Obviously viruses are dangerous but some bacteria can be useful.But you know that anyway.

    I find Fungi interesting.
    Congratulations on the exam result.Are you planning to apply for jobs or do further study.

    The human body is facinating.The immune system,nervous system,endocrine system etc.Its amazing how it all fits together.

    Does anything about how the body works amaze you.
    Wow.I had not realised that I had not been on the site in a week.Do you loose track of time some times.

    I really like learning new things about history,nature,science etc.What are some of the really interesting things you learned on your course.
    Hi.How you feeling about finishing the course.Happy,sad or a mixture of emotions.

    Good luck with your results being what you wanted.
    Hello! I listen to thrash, death, black, neoclassical, and heavy metal. I stick with mostly the old school stuff though. What about you?
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