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  • Oh that's cute. :) I used to have a cat too and lived until 21. I got a couple fish. My mom had a bunch of birds (cockatiels, parakeets, and finches) :)
    I'm not too impressed with my high school life but whatever I'm not the same person I was back then. I'm a lot more disciplined now, and save the day dreaming until after class. I still have the habit of drawing anime pictures during class hours but that only takes up a few minutes... lol. It is exciting going back to school with a clear head and a ready mind because it's like a come back from all the years that were wasted in the past! I am very happy to have this opportunity. :)

    Now if I could only spend more time studying out side of class, and spend less time watching anime. <.<
    It's actually just a night class to get my GED. My social anxiety was so bad in school, and just up until like last year, that I didn't make it through high school. Now that the anxiety is manageable now, I'm able to concentrate on my studies. I passed everything but Math, so once I pass Math I'll have my Grade 12. :)
    I'm very well. Getting ready for a class tonight then gonna anime it up for the remainder of the night. And you?
    Good luck with your book. I think there needs to be more books of the accounts of social anxiety sufferers.
    Hi Courtney, thanks for adding me as a friend. How are you? Hope you are well.
    Your goal sounds really exciting. Definitely motivating and inspiring. Just continue writing and put it all together. Once that done, the rest will work itself out. Regardless of what happens, you'll have accomplished something to be proud of!
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