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  • Hey Froggy

    I haven't spoken to you in a while. What sort of an internet "fellow Brit" friend am I hey :)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello (or ribbit) and that I hope you are doing ok.
    Hi Froggy, it's nice to hear from you :) Although I wish you were feeling 100%. It sounds to me like you need to pamper yourself more. In fact, why don't you buy yourself something nice on my behalf. Although if I win the lottery on Saturday, I will be sure to cover the cost myself. I could technically help you now, but you can't really pamper yourself too much from the £4 I have saved in my penny jar. Anyway, I hope you start getting closer to that 100% mark! And feel free to message me anytime you like! Oh, I nearly forgot to mention how I'm doing.....Well I'm still at college, and trying my best not to overcook the food, although I think singed food adds to the taste, but I don't think the college customers are ready for that style of cooking just yet. I do however still get days when I feel like quitting, and be able to live the life of a hermit, but there isn't much scope for career advancement in that lifestyle. Anyway, it's great to hear from you again!
    Hey Froggy! How's my fantastic friend doing! I hope you've been taking things easy and haven't been working too hard
    Hi Froggy :) It's great to hear from my fantastic friend! I'm doing ok, thank you. I'm still whisking my way to success. College life is a bit stressful though, but I find when I'm trembling from nervousness, I'm able to whisk faster because of my shaking hands, so that's a plus. Anyway, I hope all is well with you!
    Hi Froggy, I'm sorry to hear about the bathroom incident. *shakes fist at Froggy's faulty drainage bathroom tube thingamajig* (You've probably guessed I don't know a great deal about plumbing, or anything that involves a power tool for that matter. But put a whisk in my hand, and I'm your man) Anyway, I hope it all gets sorted out for you.
    Hi Froggy, I don't like to brag, but the xmas meal I cooked turned out pretty good. And better still, it's been 4 days since everyone ate it, and no one has come down with anything yet, so I call that a success. Anyway, I hope you've had a great Christmas!
    Hi Froggy! I'm doing alright with the yoga, but it's been such a crazy month, I haven't done it as regularly as I would like to. That's interesting that you've found a correlation between sugar intake and your mood! I happen to be very sensitive to caffeine so I have to watch how much of it I drink or else I get really anxious. Today has been a tough day for me to. I hope tomorrow is better for both of us!
    Hi Froggy! I'm good thanks, I've never heard of SAUK, This is the only SA website I go on. If I was on another one I'd never leave the PC haha. Hope you had a real nice Xmas!!
    Ah, no worries. Making connections with people is a good idea. It doesn't matter how introverted we are, we still like to have friends and be a part of the community to some level. :) I'm doing well, thank you. :)
    I don't know why that would bore me at all. If you feel like telling me, you're more than welcome to. I hope you're well, mate. :)
    Off for three weeks. That's really cool! I'm doing better. Tackling a lot of issues in my life, going to therapy. For Christmas I'll be spending time with my family and nephews. Do you have any plans?
    I would like to do something interesting with the xmas dinner, but the course I'm on is only for beginners at the moment, so the only twist I will be doing this year is to make the food edible to eat. It's good to hear that you have broke up for Christmas. Now you can concentrate on the important stuff, like lounging around your home and eating everything you want to. And more importantly, you wont have to worry about being too healthy until the start of the new year. Although if you are anything like me, I usually break my new years resolution on the second day. But saying that, I'm feeling kind of optimistic at the moment, so I think I'm gonna be able to make it until day 4 this time.
    I'm doing good, thanks Froggy. I've only got a few more weeks before college breaks up, and then I will be able to rest my whisking arm for a few more weeks after that. Although saying that, I'll be cooking the Christmas dinner, so maybe I won't be resting too much after all. It's great that your new lily pad is all set up now. It must be great for you to relax and chill out after a long day, and not stress about using the communal kitchen anymore. I'm really pleased for you :)
    Hahaha thanks hennyfink, I moved at the weekend, still got loads of bits a bobs to kit out out but it's just nice to have a kitchen all to myself! Hope you are doing well..
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