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  • Yes! it is very important to try and re-wire our brains to not see everyone new as a potential threat. I wish you good luck with that INMI :) I am still a long way off from successfully being able to think that way, but still trying.
    Hmm, I don't feel that way though, lol. I am really just a ghost staying alive for members of my family really. How are you going at the moment INMI? Yeah, I like the dog pic because it shows just how I feel so often, lol.
    I'm ok thank you for asking :/ Someone very close to me is having serious health problems and I feel very powerless... And she is far away so all I can do is call her and try to comfort her while she's crying or being hopeless on the phone :sad:
    Thanks!, but it's really hard to keep everything to yourself and fake it..,I'm trying hard though.
    Thanks for the kind words..but I'm now that cool...just a guy that tries to pretend everything is cool and fine in front of others but deep down I feel empty..u seem very kind.
    I know the feeling. But I agree with you, its the fact that we're trying that counts. Maybe if we keep trying someday we'll get there eventually. Good luck. I'm sure it'll get better for you. :)
    Hey:) How are you? I am okay dokay..sometimes it get worse but you know i am used to it.
    heyy been a while! sorry it took so long to get back to you,i don't get on here much. I've been good how are you?
    hey i ready one of your posts on how to beat ocd, it was a great post and really made me feel better about myself. thank you :)
    haha thanks look a bit like a boy in that, hate webcams. Anyway how do you know when one of your 181 friends has got new profile pic? :-)
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