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  • Wow that sounds hectic. I'm glad you're back at home and comfy :) It means everything to have supportive loved ones don't it? I'm happy for you! Yeah they're a photogenic bunch if there ever was one ha ha ha lol
    How is school going? I hope everything's good with you :) Yeah, I'm good. So lets hear some funny school stories! I miss college.
    I spend a lot of time tutoring my little nephews. I'm thinking that maybe I should consider a Graduate degree in Psychology as opposed to Film. I would learn more and I could conduct research studies-I would love that! I could also do Film on the side.
    ...........At any rate, right now I'm stagnating. Sometimes I look at my life and think, why bother. But, I haven't lost that burning desire to do something great yet. I just hope I can persevere. Some help from the Universe would be nice-how about some luck?!
    P.S I found this cool site. You might like it. Relaxing. calm.com
    I like your avatar pic. The beach is my favorite place to go (Santa Monica)....I just love looking at the ocean. Swimming in it too!
    Read your post....Me too! I am very tired of being alone. Hopefully, 2014 will be a year of finding someone special.
    You like psychology? I love it. I have two book recommendations: "Why Zebras Don't get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky(Neurologist and Stanford Professor, I love watching his Lectures on YouTube). And, "An Unquiet Mind: by Kay Redfield Jamison. Look 'em up. :)
    Hi Rc, thank you for dropping by and wishing me a fantastic 2014. I hope you have a great one too! I also hope you can reach all of your goals in the coming year! And it's been great that I got to meet someone as fantastic as you on spw :)
    Good, I'm glad. Mine was one of the best ones in years. Thank you. I hope the new year will be good to you too :)
    Studying computer engineering sounds very impressive. I have problems setting the timer on my digital clock, so studying computer engineering might be a tall order for me. But when it comes to making scrambled eggs for example, that is something I really excel at. Well sometimes I do anyway, depending on if the eggshell falls into the frying pan, which sometimes happens. But apart from that, my cooking skills are great......ish :)

    Thank you for the kind words RC, I appreciate them. I hope all is well with you.
    I'm studying to become a world renowned chef :) As for the course itself, it consists of theory classes, cooking classes, and working in the college restaurant. I was amazed when I found out they expected us to cook for paying customers so soon. So what with trying to be sociable, and trying my best to speak up more in the theory class, and being able to take in everything I'm taught, I guess it's fair to say I'm feeling kind of frazzled right now. But on the plus side, at least I've learned how to peal vegetables like a professional. So what are you going to study, RC?
    Oh so it's an abbreviation for your name then. To hazard a guess, I would say your full name is Rachel Charlotte Natasha Morgan. Of course I could be wrong, so I'll just call you RC instead :) I'm doing ok, thank you. Although I've got to attend college tomorrow, so I'm not feeling as chipper as I usually do. I keep waiting for the day when I'm actually looking forward to going there, but I'm sure it will all get easier in time. How are you doing?
    Hey Rcnm, I'd thought I'd stop by and say hi :greeting: Just out of curiosity, is your username an abbreviation for something :thinking:
    That puts it in perspective, I've seen her struggle learning some of that stuff. You could get a really good job in that field. I have my fingers crossed for ya :)
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