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  • It certainly makes things easier when your family gets on with your partner.I have heard stories were that was not the case and it can split people up.To be honest I would not be too worried if I did not get on with the some members of the family of the person I was seeing.In life we can not get on with everyone.
    Hi.I dont think I would feel comfortable with alot of attention focused on me at a lager wedding or event.Keeping it small sounds less intense and stressful.Plus it will probably keep the cost down.Im from a small family anyway.How has your family reacted to the news?
    Hi.I have heard of couples who have been together for over 10 years and are still not married even though the ladies want to.So 5 years is not that bad in comparison.Heehe.Its good I think that people know each other very well before thinking about marriage.Some people can get carried a way and rush into a marriage after a few months of knowing each other.

    So have the two of you set a date?
    Hi.Thats good news.I have heard stories were the woman says no after the guy arranges an elaborate proposal.Had you and him spoken alot out marriage in the past?
    Wow.Dont keep me in suspense,what was your answer to the proposal and how long have you been together?

    Guys try to make the proposal memorable and romantic.Looks like your boyfriend did that.
    Hi.I have had some high points and some low.Going by all that water in the pic,Ocean city sounds a very suitable name.I still get amazed when I see all that water in one place in the sea.Its awe inspiring and the sealife too.

    What did you do in Ocean city?
    Hi.Thought I would say hi.Maybe we can chat if your planning to use the site more.I like your new pic,were was it taken?
    Hi.Congratulations on graduating since I know you were finding it stressful.It should remind you how you are able to get through tough situations.When do you start the job offically.
    Hi.A different game to fit your mood.

    I remember when I was a teenager quite a few years ago now,going to game arcades to play the machines.There was a huge arcade in London call the Tracadero.It was filled with all sorts of large video game machines.All the machine noises and flashing lights made it seem magical to my young ears and eyes.Did you go to video game arcades when you were younger.

    I also remember playing video game machines in my local chicken takeaway shop at lunch times when I was at school.How about you.
    Hi.The way alot of games are designed with huge sprawling levels,they are meant to take a long time to finish I think. Open world games.What do you look for in a good video game and
    have you played any sports or simulator games lately.
    Hi.What video games have you been playing recently.Whats the longest amount if time you have played a game during the same day.Some of these video games have levels that take an hour or more to finish.
    Okay.Im not sure how big the place is you work now or how big Wendys was but the resturant were I work is quite cramped and lacks space.Big area for the customers to sit in though.Heehe.Money comes ahead of staff comfort.

    At times I find it difficult to deal with having to physically work very close to others but its part of working in the kitchen enviroment so I try to accept it.How much space do you have to work in.

    I do feel abit guilty when I have to throw away food in the resturant and we do throw a way alot of plastic food packaging.Im someone that believes in recycling and protecting the planet.Im some one that recycles at home and donate money to animal charities.

    To be fair ,in the resturant we do recycle things like card board boxes,milk cartons and the oil gets turned into fuel for McDonald trucks.Food waste gets reduced too.Do you feel any guilt about working in fast food or not.When it comes down to it we need to pay our bills.
    Hi.Hopefully you like your new job better than you did working at Wendys.I have three or four people that I speak to at work.I dont reallly speak to the others unless its work related.Because the resturant I work at uses a shift system it means at times some of the people I speak to are on different shifts to me.Do you speak to co workers.

    There is a big takeaway food culture in England.Lots of people get their food delivered to their homes or pop into their local fast food outlet to buy food.Lots of chicken shops,pizza places ,McDonalds,fish and chip outlets in most of the big cities and towns in Britain.I perfer to cook my own food at home though but I have the occassional takeaway meal and I will usually choose chicken.

    Do you know if takeaway food is popular in your area and The US in general or not.What kind of takeaway resturants do you have locally.
    Hey Pan, I thought I'd stop by and say hi to my SPW friend. I also hope you are having a fab week :thumbup:
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