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  • Another one that's really good if you're into animes based on musicians and romance is NANA. Again it can be watched on
    Pokemon X/Y is the latest Pokemon season that's airing right now in Japan, but you can watch it Subbed, even though it hasn't been Dubbed yet in English. You can watch it on if you're interested in checking it out. I'm only on episode 13 so I haven't been introduced to many of the new Pokemon yet, but I like the starter Fennekin, and all its evolution forms. Pokemon is not something I'm into nearly as much as I use to be when I was younger, but I still like it to some degree. I draw a lot and I always draw that style of nose too on my characters. The small, triangular nose.
    I know what you mean, some animes almost have an Americanized style to their art. Bigger noses, less shininess to their eyes, and more muscle. I've seen most of Dragon Ball Z. I made it up to the Buu Saga, but never quite finished it. Back then I was watching it on TV. I saw several episodes of GT as well, but never finished the whole series. As for Pokemon I've only watched up to season 3, but skipped ahead and am now watching through Pokemon X/Y. I'm watching it as each episode is being aired. My favorite "fighting" anime though would have to be Bleach. But the best fight scenes are apparently in One Piece, which I've yet to watch. I've watched all of Naruto though and thought the fights were pretty intense in that anime. And yes, reading does help the cognition, information processing, and comprehension.
    That's really cool. :) I love reading, but only if it's a manga, subtitles when I'm watching anime, or if I want to research something on the interwebz. I don't actually have any novels that I'm into. My favorite authors are all Manga creators such as Oh! Great, Rumiko Takahashi, Milk Morinaga, Naoko Takeuchi, etc. But if manga and subtitles count as reading then yes, I love it, and there is a science to reading in that it exercises the brain and keeps your cognitional thought life sharp. I read whenever I can for both enjoyment and for that purpose in mind. :D
    With creating a manga the first thing you have to do is write a story, so storytelling is essential to becoming a manga-ka. I have a few ideas but I haven't come up with anything concrete yet. I'm not in any rush right now to write a story because my art still needs a lot of improvement and I'm only good at reproducing artwork. I sometimes draw authentically but I find it easier to draw off a reference. Here's a link to my art on DeviantART: tsubasasan11 (tsubasasan11) on deviantART

    If you became a novelist, what are some things you would write about? Your life? Fiction? I've always been interested in writing, I just don't know what to write about (except for a manga story idea.)
    I'm kind of a mixture of arts and sciences. I love drawing in the Japanese style and love watching all kinds of animes and reading all kinds of mangas but I'm also pretty good at problem solving and researching. Science is my favorite subject, it really doesn't matter what type of science we are talking about. I am fascinated by all of it. My dream though is to become a comic book illustrator or by the Japanese term a Manga-ka.

    The only TV series that I started watching through was Doctor Who because I love science fiction. Sleepy Hollow seems like something that I would like though because I like anything with a dark plot.
    Hi being the scientific type I'm not sure how much you'd be into artsy stuff like Japanese animation, but it is pretty much a favorite pass time of mine. Have you watched any anime, have any favorites, and would you be interested in discussing anime or just even chatting. ^_^
    HI! :greeting: I came across a few of your posts. Not having a support system does make it a lot harder. I wonder, does your college have any support groups for people who have SA? What if you posted a SA meetup for fellow sufferers?
    I hope things get better. Hang in there. :)
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