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  • Hey Feathers! Getting around to holiday baking? Sounds like fun! :D There's gluten free wheat flour? :confused: Never heard of that, but I wouldn't believe in it either. Just doesn't sound legit, does it?

    I actually haven't even gotten around to making any recipes for holiday cookies. I'm slacking! D: (Actually I've just been pretty busy.) I did make some really good holiday mini donuts the other day though. I found the recipe here. Instead of making coconut lime though, I put in 1/4 c. dutch cocoa and added some orange cream flavoring (natural orange oil should work well too. Even using mint instead would taste really good) to make orange-chocolate donuts. They were awesome!

    Sorry I don't have a cookie recipe for you, but livingwithout.com has some really nice recipes. I never tried their holiday cookie recipes, but they look pretty good. Hope this helps! :)
    Hehe, I've not met many divorced guys before so don't really know... though maybe second time round they're more clear about what they want in a relationship perhaps? Is there a guy in particular you like? Hehe. Glad to hear that your mum is feeling better now - hopefully it won't get in the way of her having a good Christmas! Are you all set? I know you guys celebrate on Christmas Eve over on the continent, right? Hope you get some great gifts and have a really enjoyable day! Oh - I did the ice-skating at the weekend - wasn't too bad! I only fell over once! x
    Hey feathers you should really clear your inbox in here xP
    Anyway, I've sent you a message through msn but I think it must have bounced back.
    Hi you! Hmmmmmmmmhh, thinking thinking like a mad professor. Yes yes right, I shall ponder and reflect on these news from you...And when I have come up with a master plan suggestion, I shall reveal it to you and ....and then we will be on our escape to Mexico, muHAhahahaHA.
    Oh well....now, I don´t even know if I will have any suggestions!
    Write you soon though.
    Thanks Feathers! I hope it will all work out...but the struggle to all seemed to pay off in some weird, strange way. I hope the same thing happens to you too - sometimes we need things to go awry to make us pay attention and do our best. I know what you mean about people with kids etc. I feel the same way here. But... meh... yeah it'd be nice to have that, but that's their lives decided now. At least you still have your options open. You can do what you really want. Hehe, you like divorced men eh? I've not encountered many before. I'm sorry to hear about your mum being in hospital. Is she all better now? My friend's little sister is due to give birth soon. She is 4 years younger than me. Argh? Lol. Hope things pick up soon for ya F,just keep being busy and focused :) x
    sooo about the weekend....

    this weekend just relaxed at home... a lot of relaxation and cycled for 1 hour..
    a lot of quality time with my brother... he can be a sweetie pie also a jumping fly haha

    and today a christmas dinner, was good

    how about you, have things gotten better for you?

    Have a good upcoming week :D

    Keep in mind '' Spw-ies are there for you always :D''


    Hey Feathers,

    I will write you an email back on FB tomorrow
    Thank you so much for all your tips and words

    Hope you had a nice weekend Feathers

    and yes, things have gotten better! The day when I wrote you back, I wasn't really comfortable.. so I thought I'd write you back later on and so is today.. more peace :)

    I got back into school as you already know.. and it's really great to experience
    and great to feel in society, perhaps not socially, but that's okay with me.. :)

    And I have a lovely relationship, but she is having a hard time so I hope she will feel better soon... I'm really hoping she will feel more at ease soon.. :(

    But we had a great year.... Went to the efteling... the best theme park in Holland... was great
    and gain a lot of trust in eachother and great communication, she's a great girl
    Hi there F,
    Ja I should have cleaned my inbox... hehe, it´s overloaded. It shows how chaotic I can be lol ::p: I should really work on that too.. xD

    I'm doing alright.... just very anxious now in class.... Normally I take an oxazepam every day.... And I feel like so relaxed.. And Now i feel like exploding again..

    Well, how are you? ^^^
    Hi feathers, how have you been? I know you are very much of advice and I wanted to ask you some. I just experience a lot of insomnia nights and I wake up very late in the morning, just enough time to be getting ready for school. The only problem is, is that I experience a lot of anxiety attacks in the morning and still a lot of pressure on mind when I'm at school like I cannot stand the feeling of feeling nervous and head ache. It's hard to be in class and I feel like wanting to run away, I still didn't ran away this 1 hour so I'm proud...

    Anyways, do you know a few natural things to try to get a better sleep at night?
    Or be relaxed in the morning before going to school? and how to let go of body stress and tension? I just thought I'd write you, just in case you know some stuff.
    I've heard about your cocoa story, can you tell me more about it?

    Oh and I'm trying out Centrum vitamins... A till Z.. it is helping bits.
    Have a nice day!
    Hello Feathers! How are you? Thanks for your message :) The ice-skating is not for a couple of weeks, but I'm all booked up and have to do it now hehe. What have you been doing - are you feeling festive? :) x
    Thanks Feathers! My friend was booking the tickets today so I just said I'll go. She turned out being really appreciative of the fact I'm doing it despite hating it so I don't feel as annoyed anymore. How are you? Any nice plans for the weekend? x
    Hey! Yeah I wondered what I could say to her... though I think I have a plan now :) Ahhh that list of things to do - I know that feeling! The list seems to permanently exist. Are you doing anything nice for Halloween? x
    Hey Feathers! It's good to have you back posting on the forum!
    I'm going to Washington - just for the weekend - with my mum. I'm not sure I'll get the chance to really meet up with anyone - Volty lives there and I'd love to see him, but might be hard to explain to my mum haha. And thank you for the birthday wishes! How have you been? x
    Hi, feathers, I hope things look up for you soon. I saw your message, but I haven't had the time to look through it and reply yet. I have so many school projects to work on. Perhaps this weekend.

    Take care :)
    Sometimes I can be bad in conversations. I'm really sorry if I've made the wrong impression.
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