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  • Hi Ransfordrowe, i dont live in a very touristic area, but when i go to one of those, they're sually crowded with ppl from different places. I like that, tho i have SP, i really like seeing that variety of ppl! i helped once a couple of english speakers with some directions but other than that, i havent interacted much with tourists. That's my personal opinon...getting a lot of tourist is a blessing for shop owners lol

    Btw, i'm very sorry, just realised that i didnt reply to your last message, thatnk you very much for those recommendations and i do play role games but no sports ones :)
    Stories are imperfect, it's true. But, as long as the plot holes aren't too big and the characters aren't too aggravating or unbelievable, then it should be fine. I've read some stories where I've completely stopped reading in the middle of it out of pure frustration or annoyance. So you're not alone in that respect.

    I've gotten into trouble before. I keep getting into trouble, unfortunately. Bad luck and all that. Sometimes, it wasn't my fault, like how I got detention for asking for help in class when my teacher said no talking. And, at times, I was the whole cause of it, like how I refused to do a project in class when my teacher wouldn't let me draw what I wanted to draw.
    I learned that he got into some trouble with the law, if I remember correctly. I think it had something to do with theft. It's been a couple of years since he did the AMA.

    As for my anxiety? Not really. If anything, it helps. It's refreshing to take a step back from whatever's troubling my mind and relax while exploring someone else's world and viewpoint. Does your anxiety affect your reading habits?
    Oh, it's no problem:). I wouldn't want you to feel rushed or feel obligated to post a response immediately.

    As for Grant and Applegate, I learned about their marriage a couple of years ago; Grant had actually done an AMA on Reddit and he talked about his relationship with Applegate and their writing together. I think they're both great writers and I'm curious to see how a collaboration would work between them.
    Well, reading Kindle books isn't that much different than reading on regular books. I enjoy it.

    As for young adult fiction, I think there's the Gone series by Michael Grant, the Animorphs series by K. A. Applegate, and I always planned on starting on the A Song of Ice and Fire books.
    I used to look online for reading recommendations and look for stories that were similar what I was reading. But, now, I just use my Kindle's recommendations and go from there. They're pretty good, all told.

    You typically read Stephen King stories?
    The most times I've read a book? Hm, right now, it's a tie between the Artemis Fowl series and the Codex Alera series. I've read and completed Codex Alera through a library when I was at college, but starting buying the books for myself to read whenever I want to. As for Artemis Fowl, I've read most of the books, but haven't completed the series so that's something I still need to do. And I'm starting from the beginning so I can remember what's happening for future books. But it really takes a lot for me to re-read something

    How was Insomnia?
    I'd recommend the Artemis Fowl series. But, I'd probably start off with reading the series from the beginning because I think some things won't make sense if you start off with The Opal Deception first. It does get a bit violent though, but nothing gruesome, if I remember correctly.

    As for The Stormlight Archive, I know Kaladin is the character that interests me the most, then Dalinar and Shallan after that. Though, I must say, I wasn't expecting it to be as long as it was when I first started reading. Sometimes, it became a chore to read through it.
    Yes, plenty of times. Some classic series for me are Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, Codex Alera and The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher and currently trying to read the Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson and the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Books have been a big part of my life for a long time, so I've always got something to read or wanting to read.
    Sometimes, I get bored, but I can keep myself entertained enough. I have more than enough books on the backburner that I need to finish reading and enough games in my library that I need to finish playing. And the lists for both just keep growing.
    I'm mostly on the Internet. Aside from going to work, that is. On YouTube, watching whatever videos catch my fancy. Or reading the books that I have in my possession. Or, rarely, writing. Or, recently, practicing in my new game. There isn't much that happens in my life.

    You related more to the female superheroes you've seen in media?
    Favorite female superhero? That's tough. Well, mostly because I barely watch TV and film and read comics. But, if I had to say, I think I'd say that The Bride Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill is a female hero that I can appreciate from film and maybe Raven from Teen Titans. Admittedly, I do relate more to the male heroes that I read and watch.
    I enjoy the action and the character interactions in Young Justice. I still haven't watched it all completely (I missed some of the episodes when they were airing on TV and I've been putting off watching the show on my Kindle for a long time). Watching Robin's therapy session with Black Canary and the entire team fight off AMAZO are two moments that have stuck with me and I'm interested in where they'll go in the upcoming season.

    And I think I remember Agents of Smash. Although vaguely. It feels as though I've heard of it before.
    Dogs most definitely recognize you once they get attached to you. The dog I bought as an adult, I eventually had to give up because I'd moved to an apartment that didn't allow pets. I gave him to my friend and his wife. When I went to see him two years later, he was ecstatic to see me even though he had already bonded with his new owners. When I left he was a bit confused. He didn't know if he should leave with me or stay with his new owners. I gave him a scratch behind his ears and told him to go to them. It was a bittersweet moment. I was glad he remembered me but a little sad that I couldn't take him back and that he was a little confused about it.
    Let's see. I must have been around 5 when I got my first pet cat. Well, it was more like three cats and they actually belonged to the whole family. I'm not sure how we came to have them. I think my older brothers just took them in as strays one day and they remained in our home. I have no idea what eventually happened to them. Probably my mom got tired of them and took them to a shelter. I then got a dog for my birthday when I was around 7 or 8. I loved that dog, thought she was the best thing ever. That started my love affair with dogs. I've only owned one other which I bought as an adult but I'm always dog friendly.
    Hello Ransfordrowe! i'm not reading any book at the moment, i'd like to read some space /sci fi horror, any recommendation? and the last two movies i saw were "it" wich i really liked tho i think it could have done some things better and "Alien: covenant" which i'd like if it weren't an Alien movie...as a sci fi movie is quite entertaining but so many things wrong as Alien....i know u didn't ask but i'm playing "Prey" right now a sci/fi horror game and i think it's fantastic! seems i'm in the sci/fi horror mood lol. Anyway what is "sci go"? is that a typo or a genre? as i said, since u like sci fi, any book/movie u can recommend? :)
    Agents of Smash? Never. I think that's the first time I've ever heard of it. Sounds recent though. As for Avengers Assemble, I've seen small clips of it from when the TV is on and someone else is watching it. It seems good enough.
    Hey, thanks for the hello! I've had both cats and dogs growing up. I think they both make great pets. I favor dogs more because they're better companions. Cats are independent which is fine if you're the type of person who likes a pet like that. They are also less maintenance than dogs. But to me, dogs are more like having a human companion, they have more personality. This is especially good for those of us with SA who may be lacking companionship/closeness with other people.
    No, there isn't a particular reason I fell out of watching TV. Life just passed and I began to watch TV less and less until, before I knew it, I stopped watching TV in general. There are shows that I still watch like Into the Badlands and Arrow and Young Justice currently, but I have all of that on my Kindle. You like watching comedy shows?
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