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  • dude this is surreal, honestly didn't expect this whole forum to be alive... not even talking about anyone here remembering me, years did fly! felt kinda nostalgic and decided to check it out. still impressed i got the password right.
    how are you? wait hope you're still checking in once in a while, in case not~ greetings to the random lurkers ;D
    Hi there!

    I'm doing good thank you, how are you? :)

    yes i do remember you pal

    Just a pair of years LOL I dont have skype, but as more people I know are using it I think I'll make one. First let me figure out how it works and I'll add you, hope we have an opportunity to talk there. Have a nice day.
    Hi Seoul! I still watch Japanese and Korean dramas :) It's been 2 years already? - Ups and downs in real life, guess I'm allright-ish. And you?
    Hi! I've been fine, when I started to talk to people here, I felt I was just closing more and thought if I really wanted to do something about my problem, then I should practice more in real life. I think Im getting a little better. Its been a while, no? I wonder If you're still around here. If you are, maybe I could add you on facebook or something? if you want
    hey there i haven't talked to you in a while, you are always there for people, it should only be fair for other people to do the same. How are you? hope everything has been all right especially during Christmas =D
    Yes, please keep me updated :)
    Part-time work sounds like a great idea - enough to get a bit of fresh air each day but not too much that it's daunting. I hope you manage to find something :) x
    S!! I've been alright thanks, still in a similar position in life re jobs but much happier than I was over Summer :) How are you? Where have you been? And most importantly, making anymore cool music? :) x
    Hi! I'm doing great, thanks, and I hope you are too. :] Nice to hear from you! The weekend is almost here, are you having a good week? :p
    Not so well lately. I've been rather distracted by other things, which caused me to totally neglect practice all together.

    But I have the feeling I'll get back on it within the next two weeks or so. :3

    And how are you by the way? :3
    That's good to hear. :) Things have been like a rollercoaster actually. Still struggling with college, but thankfully I only have 3 weeks left before break. I definitely can't wait!
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