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  • Well, I've tried all sorts of things (including nutrition), sometimes they work and sometimes not long enough. Unfortunately, I have problems walking as my knees and ankles (even with my meds that help a lot, including being able to get out of bed without help) are effected by my RA, but I do as much as I can. Yes, I live in London and do go outside (well I push myself to anyway). Thank you for your message :)
    I had a long, awful day yesterday: spent the whole morning at the clinic, then lots of running around, getting hopelessly lost at least twice, etc. By the time I got home, I was absolutely exhausted. Your message gave me the much needed spark to get through the rest of my day. Thanks!! I'm glad my post could do the same for you. :)
    Hey girl! I'm doing pretty good! Hope all is going well in your world, and that you're doing lots to make it a better place. :)
    Thank you very much for helping me, you have great advice. I would like to talk to you more, you're awesome. I hope life is well for you feathers! Snapple's are teas and fruit juices, to me some of them taste like Brisk tea. :) thnx. I always think in metaphors, it's hard sometimes to use plain words for my feelings. I will ttyl about that. *wink*
    oh, yes!
    I was always a tom boy as a kid, so my delayed puberty became increasingly suspicious to me...
    XD BUT it did happen. I wasn't really worried about it; but I really wanted to grow a chest! (and even after maturing, that didn't really happen...) haha
    Well Im obsessed with how everything works to the point of dismantling and rebuilding stuff. But really what Id love to do is somehow dismantle and rebuild the Universe but thats a bit mad haha so instead Im trying to get into the theoretical physics course. :) I have to pass this crazy maths exam first. *Deep breath* How are you feathers?
    Thanks:) it’s mainly just for school. I’m doing it through an art school it’s a long distance study one. It’s pretty good I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll pursue as a job anytime soon I have a long way to go especially with my drawing. There are programs like adobe illustrator that help you out if you can’t draw that well by hand. I had help with drawing the ship but I did create it. I’m going to be starting another course sometime in April in IT. I’m trying a bit of everything, I’m at my undecided stage at the moment but I do enjoy learning this.

    I hope you’re taking care. Have any favorite healthy food recipes you wish to exchange:)? It’s easy just to resort to eating junk especially when you feel too busy to cook.
    I hope your life gets better, try to enjoy how beautiful nature goes on spring.

    I'm ok, I guess, can't complain.
    Hello Feathers :) Thank you for your kind comments on my journal. It's been a while since I've seen you posting on here, just thought I'd check-in and see how you're doing? Hope all is well! x
    I hope you have the same email address because I have sent it by email.:D
    It wasn’t your fault. My computer died, my portfolio is finished finally though and I’ll show you soon. My uncle has given me a new one. It was probably good for me to take the break away from the computer, but it’s nice to see you again too.:)
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