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  • Hi old friend! Sorry for being away for so long. Long story short, I needed to be away from everyone and work on myself. How have you been doing? Reading your message when I came back made me happy. I missed you too :)
    I'm doing well, I hope you are too. Thanks for asking.

    The fluffball is something I saw on a forum years ago and saved, it reminds me not to take things too seriously, ha ha.

    You can just right-click on it and copy its location, then post it with tags like any other picture.

    Take fluffy and spread the good news if you want, we need him out there. :D
    Yeah, I decided to allow myself a little coffee as well, at the very least, it's a very affordable anti-depressant. :D

    I agree about the seasons; there's nothing like that first warm day of the year to shake the lead out artistically.
    I'm good, but drowsy. I gave up caffeine as I'm getting back in shape and the effects are really something else.

    I didn't realize how much I used the stuff... but I do now. ha ha

    How are things with you?
    Wow.You must really be a good guitrists then.I have a s cheap acousic guitar that I bought from second hand shop.Its a decent one I think.I have been learning some major and minor chords for a few weeks I have memorized about five chords and Im trying to increase the speed that I can switch from one to another.Did you teach yourself or have music lesson.

    Some of my favourite guitarists are Slash, Billy Corgan,David Groghl,James Dean Bradfield.I know Kurt Kubian but which bands are the other muscians with.
    Hi.I have been learning to play an acoustic guitar for a few weeks.What type of guitar do you play and how long have you been playing.
    If you could play guitar like anyone in the world and sing like anyway in the world who would you choose to be like apart from Courtney love.
    I’ll have to check "Sunshine State" out, I haven’t seen it.

    The guy singing in “Beautiful Girls” is Greg Dulli, the lead singer of The Afghan Whigs. He’s dabbled in acting, but I don’t think he's been in much.

    Their cover of “Miss World” gives me chills. I haven’t heard it in ages.

    If you like that, you may like “My Curse.” It’s another one of their songs, but they always have a girl sing it, and it’s kind of got that same haunting feel as their “Miss World” cover.

    MY CURSE the afghan whigs - YouTube

    Don’t get me started on Dulli, I’ll fill this whole profile up with songs. ha ha
    Hi.Sorry for late reply I totally loss track of time.One fantasy of mine growing up was to be a band playing in front of large crowds.Even now when I listen to my favourite bands and sing along,Im imagining Im singing on stage.At the monent whilst writting this message Im listening to the Smashing pumpkins and esrly I was singing along.Its odd since Im not in reality fond of being in crowds.

    I have been learning acoustic guitar for fun the last three or so months.Its going okay I think.Do you play in a group or solo.I can not remember if you told me or not.Do you play in front of people and how does your anxiety affect your performances.
    Hair Chalking How To | TONI&GUY Stylist Shows Hair Chalking Technique - YouTube this would look great on you :)
    Yes Tumblr is fun.. I have not had the success you have with it though-that's great!... anyway to get inspiration, I am always looking for that myself, and direction. That's me. Lacking inspiration and direction but I do have ideas lots of times. Motivation is also a huge road block. I blame depression, but I really have to find someway to force myself to do creative things or I will get more depressed as a result. I have had a lot of fun on Pinterest, have you been on that site before? I have about 25 "boards" of ideas for everything-it's highly addicting like Tumblr. My latest art projects are using wool felt to make animal sculptures. What are you up to then?
    That sounds like a wonderful childhood place to grow up! I am the opposite grew up in a city and moved to the country :)
    Yes, It called chalking-you're right...looks pretty cool :) I think I am following you on Tumbler btw I really like your posts! Yes, about the bear, where I used to live there was a bear in the woods behind my house and my dog and I would run into him sometimes on our hikes. Once he dropped a few apples on the trail from the apple trees he was taking apples from at my neighbors-was so funny to see them so far away from the trees on the trail. I got really close up to him for that photo-not smart in hind site LoL
    Hi.I guess maybe the first two albums were more influenced by Kurt Cobain
    ,Nirvana and the gritty grunge seen.To be honest I quite like No bodies daughter as well as the first two albums.Tracks like teenager,good sister bad ,sister are good raw sounding songs.But I also like songs like Pacific coast highway, never go hungry,gold dust from No bodies daughter.The album is definely less intense though but I dont mind that.

    What songs do you like to sing.
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