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  • Of course, I know it's not nearly as simple as that, that the deck is stacked against you in a number of ways, but it sounds good, so I think you ought to do it anyway. How's that for crap advice? ::p:
    I've experienced something similar, I think: the older I get, the more I despise myself for not becoming the person I could have become had I put in the effort when I had the chance. I had talent and potential once, but I feel it's too late to do much with it now, and the opportunities I may have had then have now passed me by. Failures of the past condone failure in the present, thwarting any success that could have come in the future. Self-doubt is indeed a devil of the mind, turning us against ourselves before we even begin.

    What have you to dislike, though? I think you're terrific—bright, devoted, inspirational, and so much more—and I'm stunned that you don't see it. Maybe I presume too much, or maybe I've read too much into your posts (and at times the disappearance of them—tsk, tsk), but I believe that you could really make a difference in this world, that you have that kind of fire in you. You just have to learn how to let yourself shine.
    Hello nodejesque, I think I made some very strange dream, about you making some thread lately. This didn't happen, did it?
    Thank you and sorry for yours too. I've been expecting it for the past few weeks but even so it has been a very difficult decision. I miss him very much.
    Hey thanks for sharing! I'm going to have to remember to listen to that song more often and make it my anthem too. :)
    Portuguese and Spanish are way too similar, I totally agree, Italian, not that much, it's a mix between French and Spanish.
    My point of view is different however, if I see that a language is similar to the language I know, I would ideally study a language belonging to another linguistic family, which would in its turn help me more or less understand other languages similar to it.

    Whenever I speak Spanish, I butcher it by throwing in some french words whose suffix I ended up modifying, to make them sound "more Spanish".
    Thanks, I have some basic knowledge in it, maybe because french is my first language.

    Is Spanish your first/second language?
    Oh, nice, I would have never guessed this was a song, translates to "don't say what" ?
    I feel the same way, especially since I had to itemize deductions this year for the first time in forever. I did it as accurately and honestly as I could, but I've always felt like itemizing was just asking for trouble, like waving a cape in front of a bull. The truth is, though, that they're a lot more interested in people with higher incomes who might have more to hide. I'm just too small a fish for them to bother with. Probably.

    I used to love going around to the sales on Saturday mornings back when I was still doing the flea market thing. So much cool stuff to find, and it was fun haggling with the sellers, too. I wasn't so afraid of people and daylight then. Wish I could still do it.

    I miss chatting with you, too. Seems we're never around at the same time anymore. The age-old story of the chatbox, eh?
    Hey, Mari! :greeting: Sorry I haven't been around much. I've been buried under a pile of tax papers for the past few weeks. Haven't had much brain left for anything else. I'm so tired of it all, but I can't stop obsessing over certain questions that have come up. It's driving me batty. :kickingmyself: I hope you're doing better than I am. :)
    HEYYYYY! Never catch you in the chatbox anymore... :/

    I suppose I just have bad timing! XD
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