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  • I´m a pig (astrologically). I worked on a sheep farm in Norway a few years ago and I´ve loved those silly animals ever since. I agree, this forum is addictive.
    Hi Feathers, if only making a friend in real life is this easy lol. Where abouts in Europe are you at?
    Hiya, thanks. I love sheep. I´d like to become a sheep in my next life. Anyway, how´s it going?
    Greetings , im not getting enough time to be online i will like to chat again ,will try , Hang on with life. cya..
    Actually I've never even heard that diagnosis before lol. Interesting! How do you get officially diagnosed? And that's a very clever way to see it, I hadn't looked at sound sensitivity from that point of view, but now that I have I completely agree, the world is far noisier than it used to be and unlike the rest we haven't grown numb to it. Oh and hi =]
    What post are you referring to? As far as moving out, just save money. Save alot of money and wait for an opportunity to move on your own that's cheap or with someone you trust. Gotta make sure all your needs are met, just your basic needs. The important thing is the liberating feeling you get, and also the skills you will learn being alone. People fear it but it actually is good for you cause it helps you grow.
    It's nice to hear about it when somebody gets something out of what I say. And I'm glad your day was made.

    Nice to meet you too. Welcome to SPW. What are some of the family problems you experience, if you don't mind sharing with me?
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