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    giving up

    well it looks like im gonna fail this semester of college. theyre making it a lot harder for people to pass by changing curriculum, being the enrollement is so high i think. i really dont want to change schools again. i dont want to give up on my major because its what i want. i worked so hard...
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    i dont know what to do anymore

    i just want to give up on life. i feel like im set on this one path in life and im going to grow old and die alone. i was always taught to be kind to people and thats what i have always done. im a very polite, selfless person in real life, not a doormat, just not selfish. yet, i find conflict...
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    misjudged and criticized

    im so tired of being criticized by people. im always told that im not good enough by them. but its funny because most of the people who say those things have no business judging me to begin with. take person A, hes a good friend. but when we hang out he is always telling me im not aggressive...
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    can someone tell me why this is ok?

    all my life ive tried to be a good person. but all ive ever gotten is **** kicked in my face for it. theirs a girl in my college english class i liked. i talked to her once but she took off saying well nice to meet you blah blah. that happened last week. today i saw her, i nodded and said hi...
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    life has become torture

    im having some big problems. im getting really strong desires to end it all. i feel like a complete failure because of my social problems. my mind is filled with bad memories and embarrassing rejections. being in college has really made things worse. im surrounded by people everyday and its like...
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    life sentence

    a few days ago i bumped into somebody i used to work with about a year ago. i parked beside her car, though she was in a different car and i didnt recognize her at first. i was still inside my car when she got out and walked past my car. she turned and looked right at me, i know she saw me. but...
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    i gotta find somewhere to vent this. my cousin, who is like my brother, really pisses me off. i love him, hes family, hes a great guy. we used to hang out alot and talk about everything. but he has a huge downside: hes a spoiled brat, his parents give him everything he wants. he has to have...
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    the big 3oh

    im 29 now and in less than a month i will turn 30.::(: i have this fear of getting old. i guess some people would say 30 is not old, but to me its 10 years from 40. 40 scares the hell outta me. my age has begun to bother me in recent years. i dont feel old or look my age at all, its just that...
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    its all just an act?

    ive noticed that everything i say in a social situation is all like an act. i am completely incapable of expressing my true emotions to people. ive been told that before by a few people who noticed it. im the type of SA person who puts up a farce of being ok. i was probably worse about it when i...
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    whats in your room?

    describe what is in your room/living space. my room is always messy, it looks like a room/laboratory. i have some normal everyday things and other things that are not. i thought it might be interesting to see what people list. you can tell alot about a person that way. just looking around in...
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    trouble talking to women, w/funny 80s parody

    this video is funny, but its pretty much what happens to me when i talk to women haha. YouTube - Head Over Heels: Literal Video Version
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    move out or not?

    just need advice. living at home is making me miserable and i feel i need to get out. im 29 and ive been here long enough. to sum it up my parents are causing me stress that is contributing to my depression and anxiety. here i spend most of my time shut up in my room alone. i have no friends in...
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    being single forever sucks

    im tired of being alone. i want to meet somebody but i have no avenue to get there. i cant stand it anymore. ive had a really hard time with my dating game. people dont understand how hard it is when you have SA, then you put yourself out there and try to ask a girl out, and they treat you like...
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    trouble with father

    i have problems with my dad. right now im so angry i want to tear his head off. my dad is a really temperamental person. he has a bad temper. because of this i cant talk to him about anything because if i say the wrong thing he blows up for nothing. its always been that way. he is always...
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    sources of anxiety

    i think ive pinpointed some of the sources of my anxiety, depression, self-hate, etc. ive been doing alot of reading and research. in psychology, these things are linked to things that happen to your in childhood. like something someone said to you or did to you, and it left an imprint in your...